Spoilers! Five craziest moments in 'Don't Look Up,' from President Streep to apocalyptic Ariana Grande

Spoiler alert! The following post discusses important plot points and the ending of “Don’t Look Up.”. With his Netflix doomsday comedy “Don’t Look Up,” writer/director Adam McKay (“Vice”) posits how the American public would react to a planet-killing comet hurtling our way. (Spoiler: It would be kind of the same way we've respondedto a pandemic: not great!)
Picture for Spoilers! Five craziest moments in 'Don't Look Up,' from President Streep to apocalyptic Ariana Grande

'Don't Look Up' review: A search for laughs amid disaster, with DiCaprio, Streep, Lawrence

   Never have so many stars imploded into black holes than in Adam McKay’s aptly titled “Don’t Look Up.” The blame is placed on a plus-sized comet, but the actual source of destruction is a lightweight script ranking as one of the worst satires since “Mars Attacks.” The horror, the horror … Yes, it’s that toxic. But you can’t fault McKay’s timeliness in skewering the Red-Blue divide threatening to literally be the death of us all – if this...

Review: Lots of Stars in a Modern “Mad Mad World” — DiCaprio, Streep, Lawrence, Hill Find the Ham

A while ago Adam McKay moved from Will Ferrell movies like “Anchorman” to political and social satire like “The Big Short” and “Vice.” He’s had a mixed results. But McKay is not droll like Armando Iannucci of “Veep” fame, and he’s not nearly as shrewd as Stanley Kubrick, whose “Dr. Strangelove” is the template for the kind of films McKay would like to make.
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Judge Denies Streep's Motion to Dismiss Civil Case

A New York County Supreme Court judge has denied Charles Streep's motion to dismiss a civil case brought against him by David Peralta following an August altercation between the two men in East Hampton that left the teenage Mr. Peralta with what his attorney describes as life-altering brain injuries. The judge, Barbara Jaffe, granted Mr. Streep's motion to dismiss charges of negligence, and stayed the civil case while the criminal one in Riverhead is underway.