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Tyrese Gifts His Oldest Daughter A Rolls-Royce For Graduating From Middle School

Shayla Gibson just graduated and is off to high school! And while Tyrese had to miss her ceremony, he made sure she felt celebrated in his absence. Singer and actor Tyrese is fulfilling his daddy duties and showing his daughter Shayla Gibson just how proud he is of her for graduating from eighth grade. He bought her a brand new Rolls-Royce as a graduation present. The Baby Boy actor also had a truck display in the background with images and videos of special moments they’ve shared over the years and her name next to the vehicle in balloons. He offered all of this for her from afar, as he was abroad working when she received her diploma.
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'Goodfellas' actor Ray Liotta dies

SANTO DOMINGO, May 26 (Reuters) - American actor Ray Liotta, 67, who starred in the 1990 blockbuster crime film "Goodfellas," died in his sleep on Thursday in the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic General Directorate of Cinema confirmed to Reuters. Liotta died in bed at a hotel where he was...

Massive bacon recall includes 90 tons that need to be thrown out

Whenever customers or manufacturers discover traces of foreign objects in food and drinks, recalls promptly follow. These can be particles of glass or metal that ended up in the goods during manufacturing. Consuming them can lead to injuries. That’s why you should always avoid any food or drink that might contain traces of metal or glass. With that in mind, you should make sure you don’t eat the Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp ready-to-eat (RTE) bacon topping from this new recall. These meat products might contain metal, which can obviously harm you if you eat it.

Japanese man spends £12,480 to look like a dog

A Japanese man spent approximately 2 million yen (£12,480) on a realistic border collie costume because he wanted to look like his favourite breed of dog.The man, identified only as Toko, hired a Japanese company called Zeppet, which is known for creating sculptures and models for movies and commercials, to create the costume.Zeppet reportedly took 40 days to make the costume as Toko went through multiple rounds of trials and revisions to get it right.“I made it a collie because it looks real when I put it on,” Toko said in an interview with Japanese outlet Mynavi.“My favorite is...

Republicans' "solutions" to mass shootings are meant to make you feel helpless

After the shooting in Uvalde, TX on Tuesday, the Republican response has been so glib and cold-hearted that one has to wonder if they want people to hate them. Despite perfunctory rhetoric denouncing the shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas's overall message could be summed up as the shrug emoji. "More people shot every weekend in Chicago than there are in schools in Texas," he argued. He added some boilerplate Republican language about "mental health," even though everyone knows he is actively fighting to take away mental health care. Sen. Ted Cruz was equally facile, sneering that it was "crass" of Democrats to be angry and victim-blaming the school for having more than one door (yes, he said this). He also insisted that "armed law enforcement on the campus" is the answer, even though there were already multiple armed police officers on the scene who stayed outside the school while parents begged them to charge in and rescue the kids. Tucker Carlson of Fox News, of course, only speaks in Smarmy Jerk so he really leaned into the "there's nothing to be done" message Wednesday night. "A person who is intent on committing violence is very hard to stop," he claimed, adding that neither "act of Congress" nor "gun control" will do a thing to stop it. In reality, of course, international data shows the opposite, gun control is very effective at stopping gun violence.

Fourth-grade survivor of Texas shooting says gunman told class: "It's time to die"

A fourth-grade student who survived Tuesday's mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas says the gunman told the children: "It's time to die." The survivor, who spoke with CBS affiliate KENS-TV, said he was in a room that shared a door with the classroom where the gunman first barricaded himself in during the shooting. It was at that point, Lt. Christopher Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety told CBS News, that he "started shooting children and teachers that were inside."

Kevin Durant Responds To James Worthy's Comment On NBA

Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy had a harsh critique of the modern NBA in a recent interview. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant apparently took notice as well. Appearing on Stoney and Jansen with Heather, Worthy admonished the way current NBA players play and act. He said that players entering the NBA today "are not fundamentally sound" then ridiculed them because all they do in his eyes are "practice threes, lift weights, get tattoos, tweet and go on social media."

Michelle Wie Is Stepping Away: Golf World Reacts

On Thursday afternoon, Michelle Wie announced she's stepping back from her professional golfing career. "Excited to announce the next phase of my career as I’ll be stepping back from playing on the @lpga_tour full time," she said in a post on Instagram. "I’m so grateful for the past 14 years I spent on tour, traveling the world and competing against the best in the game."

Girl, 8, asphyxiated in Uptown home, mom attempted suicide, sources say

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police are conducting a death investigation after an 8-year-old girl was found dead inside a home in the Uptown neighborhood. Sources said the girl was asphyxiated, and her mother was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.Police said the girl was found unresponsive inside a home in the 4600 block of North Winthrop Avenue around 11 a.m. Wednesday.She was pronounced dead at the scene and has been identified as Amaria Osby, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office. Police sources told CBS 2's Brad Edwards the girl was asphyxiated.A 38-year-old woman in the home was taken to Weiss...

Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections responsible for spreading of COVID-19 less than symptomatic infections

Based on studies published through July 2021, most SARS-CoV-2 infections were not persistently asymptomatic, and asymptomatic infections were less infectious than symptomatic infections. These are the conclusions of an update of a systematic review and meta-analysis publishing May 26 in the open access journal PLOS Medicine by Diana Buitrago-Garcia of the University of Bern, Switzerland, and colleagues.

Judges found to reduce sentencing when presented with full social and financial cost of incarceration

In the U.S., the direct monetary cost of incarcerating a single inmate averages $33,000 per year, according to the Vera Institute of Justice. But that number doesn't include collateral consequences, like financial strain on the offender's family, difficulty offenders have in finding employment after release and the increased likelihood they will offend again once released.