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Steven Wilson teases a collaboration with Biffy Clyro

Prog guitarist Steven Wilson has teased a collaboration with rock band Biffy Clyro, arriving tomorrow (11 June.). Not much information has been unveiled, with Wilson taking to social media to post just the words “Steven Wilson x Biffy Clyro” and give tomorrow’s date. The photo accompanying the post does feature the acronym “TFB”, a shortening of The Future Bites, Wilson’s latest album.
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Steven Wilson Sentenced To 86 Years To Life In Prison For American River Parkway Murder

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Steven Wilson, the man convicted of stabbing a woman to death off an American River bike trail last year, has been sentenced to life in prison. The incident happened back in January 2020. Prosecutors said Lora Hoagland was on a trail along the American River parkway when she ran into Wilson. Hoagland looked to be in distress, prompting Wilson to wrap her in his jacket.

Bob Lefsetz Podcast Interview With Steven Wilson

“Steven Wilson has a new solo album, "The Future Bites." We discuss this as well as his work with Porcupine Tree but even if you're not a fan of his music, even if you've never heard of him, you need to listen to hear Wilson's stories of remixing King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Chic….”

The Bob Lefsetz Podcast: Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson has a new solo album, “The Future Bites.” We discuss this as well as his work with Porcupine Tree but even if you’re not a fan of his music, even if you’ve never heard of him, you need to listen to hear Wilson’s stories of remixing King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Chicago and more. I was positively stunned how erudite and articulate Wilson was. If you’re a music fan, I positively guarantee you you will lick up this podcast, Wilson is open, honest and RIVETING!
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Steven Wilson: Porcupine Tree Could Return When Fans Least Expect

Steven Wilson has focused on his solo career for the past ten years. But fans of the prolific musician continue to wonder about a possible Porcupine Tree reunion. Will Wilson's lauded prog-rock outfit ever regroup and record a new album? The rocker has suggested it could happen. However, he recently...
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Steven Wilson Wants to Make Second Storm Corrosion Album With Mikael Akerfeldt

With the live events industry shuttered over the last year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, one positive aspect has been the influx in collaborative rock and metal projects. Porcupine Tree mastermind and prog rock icon Steven Wilson has recently suggested a second Storm Corrosion album with Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt could come to fruition. The holdup? The pandemic, naturally.

Metal By Numbers 2/10: Steven Wilson takes a bite out of the charts

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week. Steven Wilson’s new album was supposed to come out last June, but the pandemic messed that plan up, and I was left with a gaping hole where a new album from Mr. Wilson should have filled it. But it’s here now, and while plenty of people will decry it as a non-metal release, I don’t really care. It’s great and Steven Wilson will always have a place on this column.
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Steven Wilson: “One of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century is that rock music – particularly the guitar – hasn’t really managed to reinvent itself”

Though he’s best known as one of the most revolutionary string-splitters in prog-rock history (thanks in no short part to his tenure fronting Porcupine Tree), Steven Wilson has his headstocks dipped deep in a myriad of genre-disparate pots. Take for example his sixth solo album – The Future Bites, hot off the presses via Universal – which blends with Wilson’s signature serpentine fretwork an array of glitchy and glittery synths, keyboard solos and dance beats.

Steven Wilson Apologizes To Wolfgang For Eddie Van Halen Comments

Former Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson took to social media to apologize to Wolfgang Van Halen for comments that he made an interview when he was asked about Eddie Van Halen. Wilson was asked if Eddie's death had impacted him during an interview with FaceCulture. He said, "Honestly, it didn't,...
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Steven Wilson Clears The Air With Wolf Van Halen Over Comments On Eddie

Steven Wilson and Wolfgang Van Halen have cleared up the controversy around Wilson's recent comments on Eddie Van Halen's musical legacy. Wilson was asked in a recent interview with FaceCulture how Eddie's death affected him. The solo artist, producer and former Porcupine Tree frontman Wilson replied honestly, saying he's never been a Van Halen fan; while he understands Eddie's brilliance as a musician, he loathes the "vile" shred guitar movement that Eddie inspired.

STEVEN WILSON Apologies To Eddie Van Halen's Son About His Comments

Wilson said he wasn't a fan recently. Progressive music legend Steven Wilson was recently interviewer by FaceCulture. The interview veered into the topic of Eddie Van Halen's passing, and how Wilson felt about his legacy. The first part of Wilson's answer was basically that he wasn't a fan of shred but still acknowledged Eddie's impact on the world. Then for some reason, Wilson just kept going off on how vile he thinks shred is, which probably wasn't the place to do so.

Steven Wilson Apologizes Wolfgang Van Halen For His Remark About Eddie

Steven Wilson has recently released his new album The Future Bites and talked to Face Culture about it among other subjects. Famous musician Eddie Van Halen‘s death was one of that subjects and right after, what he said kinda started a polemic between him and his son Wolfgang Van Halen.

STEVEN WILSON Apologizes To WOLFGANG VAN HALEN Over Comments Regarding EDDIE VAN HALEN's Death

Former PORCUPINE TREE frontman Steven Wilson has apologized to Wolfgang Van Halen for offending him with his recent comments about Eddie Van Halen. Last month, Wilson was asked in an interview with FaceCulture if the passing of the legendary VAN HALEN guitarist affected him at all. He responded: "Honestly, it didn't, because I was never a fan. I know he's an extraordinary musician, and it's always sad when an extraordinary artist dies, [but] I was never a fan of the so-called shredder mentality. And I think in many ways, he was the father of that whole kind of movement.
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Steven Wilson issues apology to Wolfgang Van Halen over EVH comments

Steven Wilson has taken to Twitter to offer Wolfgang Van Halen an apology for his recent comments regarding Eddie Van Halen. In an interview with Face Culture, the Porcupine Tree founder said he was "never a fan" of EVH, who he dubbed the "father" of the "so-called shredder movement" and the "shredder phenomenon which is so vile to me". As a result, he claimed that Eddie Van Halen's death didn't affect him.

Here’s a cool deep fake music video from Steven Wilson

You might remember the sensation caused by Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video when it was released in 1991. How did they come up with those face-shifting effects?. The people behind the morphing faces was Pacific Data Images, a computer into the then-new art of computer animation. The amount of CPU and GPU power that went into creating these effects was insane for the time. In 1995, the company also worked with The Simpsons on Treehouse of Horror IV for this sequence. We’re talking millions of dollars in production.

Wolf Van Halen Reacts After Steven Wilson Comments On EVH's 'Shred' Legacy

Wolfgang Van Halen took to social media late-Sunday to "vent" over comments about his late-father that were made recently by Steven Wilson. Wolfgang said his reverence for Wilson's work only made the producer/singer/guitarist's perspective on Eddie Van Halen's legacy that much more dismaying. While defending Wilson from what he deemed...