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13 terrible movies by great filmmakers, from Christopher Nolan to Steven Spielberg

In every industry and walk of life, even the best of us sometimes fail to hit the mark.For professional filmmakers, however, mistakes can be costly. Unlike most people, their slip-ups can be witnessed by millions of people – a bad film can tar someone’s reputation for years or even decades.This isn’t just a list about bad films, however. This is a tribute to the rare instances when great filmmakers just got it wrong.For every Kelly Reichardt or Paul Thomas Anderson out there – artists who have managed to go their whole careers without ever really letting the quality slide...
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Steven Spielberg explains why he turned down Harry Potter

Before Chris Columbus was hired to direct the first Harry Potter movie, another name was in consideration, none other than Steven Spielberg. Arguably the greatest living director Spielberg’s name is synonymous with great family movies so it makes sense why Warner Bros would approach him, and he spent six months developing the fantasy movie.
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Michael Bay Delayed His Directorial Debut By Saying No To Steven Spielberg

Prior to his 1995 feature film debut, director Michael Bay helmed multiple notable music videos, including The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself," Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)," and Wilson Phillips' "You Won't See Me Cry." He also directed a notable ad in the "Got Milk?" ad campaign wherein a museum curator was unable to answer a trivia question about Aaron Burr due to a lack of the liquid in question. Looking back from 2022, it seemed inevitable that Bay should transition into feature films. He had a unique way of moving a camera, an eye for oversaturated photography, and skill with closeups and slow-motion. These things don't necessarily make for good movies in themselves, but they reveal a certain visual dynamism and filmmaking confidence.

Jeff Goldblum reveals gift Steven Spielberg gave to Jurassic Park cast

CHICAGO - A piece of Hollywood history was gifted to the stars of the 1993 blockbuster classic Jurassic Park by legendary director Steven Spielberg. FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton sat down with original Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum to talk about the upcoming summer blockbuster Jurassic World: Dominion – and asked the actor about the gift that Spielberg gave the original cast after they wrapped production on the original film nearly 30 years ago - a full sized velociraptor.

Remember When Steven Spielberg Popularized Wyoming’s Devil Tower?

Anything can gain popularity once its used as a significant source of pop culture. This is true for anything at all. Its even true to the first national monument in the United States of America, which happens to reside in Wyoming and is none other than Devils Tower. It seems that some 45ish years ago, that particular monument become more popular than ever.

Dark money, donors like Steven Spielberg fuel Michigan voting rights fight

LANSING – Dark money groups and out-of-state donors are funding a high-stakes fight over Michigan voting laws, the latest proxy battle in a national war that follows former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims about the 2020 election. Aiding one side is the Michigan Guardians of Democracy, a newly...