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Steven Soderbergh Gives Financial Grant To Roman Coppola’s Blockchain Non-Profit Decentralized Pictures

If there’s one defining trait about Steven Soderbergh, beyond making terrific films, it’s his relentless curiosity and willingness to experiment. An innovator and early adopter of nearly any new technology that has been available to him —he was one of the first major filmmaker to embrace digital filmmaking, and has continued forging ahead with app-focused narratives like “Mosaic,” and backing iPhone-only projects for Quibi—Soderbergh has always shown himself to be a forward-thinker willing to play in any sandbox. And for his next act in this space, Soderbergh is going the blockchain route. Yesterday, via IndieWire, it was announced that Steven Soderbergh’s production company Extension 765 will provide a $300,000 grant to filmmaker Roman Coppola’s Decentralized Pictures (DCP), a blockchain-based nonprofit aiming to make film financing more equitable and transparent.
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Steven Soderbergh Was Struggling Behind The Scenes Of Ocean's Eleven

Steven Soderbergh came up through the independent film scene with "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" in 1989, but following his dual Oscar nominations for Best Director for "Erin Brockovich" and "Traffic" in 2001 (he won for the latter), Soderbergh crossed over into a new level of mainstream success. By the end of that year, he would be on track to score his highest-grossing film to date with "Ocean's Eleven," a star-studded remake of a 1960 casino heist movie, with George Clooney taking the place of Frank Sinatra as the titular Danny Ocean.
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‘High Flying Bird’ to ‘KIMI’: Steven Soderbergh in the Streaming Era, Ranked

Few filmmakers follow their own muse more than Steven Soderbergh. Since his Palme d'Or winning debut feature in 1989 Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Soderbergh has bumped around from genre to genre, making absolute bangers time and time again for over thirty years. He's made everything from the outrageously stylish Ocean's Eleven to the shot on iPhone psychological horror film Unsane to the experimental comedy Schizopolis, and he is still finding new ways to push himself forward as a filmmaker. Add on top of that he has been the cinematographer and editor of his films for many, many years at this point. One can't help but be inspired by the impressive ratio of volume to quality Soderbergh has managed over the course of his career.

'KIMI': Steven Soderbergh & Zoë Kravitz Talk Thrillers, Big Tech Fears, and Soderbergh's Filming Style

KIMI is Steven Soderbergh's next thriller, and this time he's targeting some familiar fears. Zoë Kravitz plays Angela, as an agoraphobic tech worker at an Amazon-like company called Amygdala Corporation. She spends her days listening to audio recordings from Alexa-like devices called KIMI. Throughout her workday, she encounters a shocking recording of a potential crime. When she tries to report it, though, she encounters bureaucratic and nefarious obstacles that prevent justice from being meted out.

Steven Soderbergh Wants 'GuyMax' Screenings Of Magic Mike 3, For Maximum Enjoyment

Channing Tatum's Michael Lane is coming back for one last dance in, uh, "Magic Mike's Last Dance." The third entry in the "Magic Mike" film series will feature "Magic Mike" director Steven Soderbergh back at the helm after his longtime assistant director, Gregory Jacobs, called the shots on 2015's marvelously-titled — and just plain marvelous — "Magic Mike XXL" (although Soderbergh still acted as the sequel's director of photography and editor). However, unlike the movies before it, "Magic Mike's Last Dance" will debut exclusively on HBO Max ... which doesn't mean it will skip theaters entirely, at least if Soderbergh has anything to say about it.
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'Kimi' review: Steven Soderbergh takes a small look at big tech

Steven Soderbergh, America's hardest working filmmaker, keeps things moving with "Kimi," his third film in 15 months and his 31st film overall. This crackerjack little thriller — it's largely set in one loft apartment — looks at big tech, COVID-19 and modern paranoia, and casts Zoë Kravitz as Angela Childs, a Seattle shut-in who didn't go out much before the pandemic hit. Now she doesn't go out at all.

Steven Soderbergh Made the Ideal 'Saturday Night Bottle of Wine' Movie

Steven Soderbergh and David Koepp can't remember when they first met. The director and screenwriter, respectively, both got their starts around the same time, Koepp with Apartment Zero and Soderbergh with the indie sensation Sex, Lies, and Videotape. They both went on to eclectic and varied careers. Soderbergh, obviously, became the Oscar-winning director of Traffic as well known for his prestige pictures like Erin Brockovich as his blockbusters like Ocean's 11 as his experiments like The Girlfriend Experience or High Flying Bird. Koepp, meanwhile, wrote huge screenplays like Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, and Panic Room.

REVIEW: KIMI (2022) dir. Steven Soderbergh

Before surveying the architecture of KIMI, I will preface this by saying that it seems to exist as a proverbial ramp to some greatness to be seen this year. Though Steven Soderbergh seems to be playing a game of genre darts with his HBO contract, life will feel somehow aligned with the third installation of Magic Mike (along with my adamant belief that Channing Tatum’s performance in XXL exemplifies a class of athleticism that surpasses the all-biceps-no-cardio men of Marvel). Zoë Kravitz, who is now shopping for furniture in her now-permanent place in the main-role spotlight, will be cat-crawling from Hulu’s remake of High Fidelity (a show that managed to mirror both the original film’s greatness and a feeling that there could be something more) to The Batman this spring.

Zoë Kravitz and Steven Soderbergh on why KIMI confirmed their tech fears: 'It freaks me out'

Our devices are always listening to us... but what happens if they pick up something more nefarious than a song request or weather update?. Such is the basic idea behind KIMI, HBO Max's new tech thriller from Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh. In it, Zoë Kravitz plays Angela Childs, an agoraphobic tech analyst who reviews data streams for the ominous Amygdala Corporation, purveyor of the voice-activated companion server KIMI. Angela's life is thrown off-balance when she hears what sounds like a violent crime being committed in one of the recordings she's analyzing, and finds herself in very dangerous waters when she decides to report it.

Steven Soderbergh Says He Demanded to Make Third ‘Magic Mike,’ Still Hopes for Theatrical Release

Dancing on demand? Sounds a little familiar for “Magic Mike.” Director Steven Soderbergh said that the third — and presumably final — “Magic Mike” film was due to his urging. “This third one was being made at my demand,” Soderbergh, who didn’t direct the sequel film “Magic Mike XXL,” told Thrillist. “I was the one that said, ‘I want to do this, and here’s what I want to do.'” Star and co-creator Channing Tatum previously admitted to Variety that he had no interest in reprising his former stripper role, especially after the “Magic Mike Live” show and a four-year acting hiatus. “I didn’t...

Steven Soderbergh rules out directing a superhero franchise film because ‘there’s no f***ing’

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has ruled out making a superhero franchise film over the conspicuous lack of sex in them. Soderbergh was speaking to The Daily Beast about his forthcoming film Kimi when he was asked whether he would consider writing or directing a superhero film. In response, Soderbergh said that although he doesn’t think these films are “lower tier” in any way, he doesn’t relate to the films because “there’s no f***ing” in an interview published on Monday (7 February). The Erin Brockovich director first explained that he’s simply far too “earthbound to release myself into a universe in...

Magic Mike 3 Director Steven Soderbergh Reveals Channing Tatum's Mike Will Finally Be In A Relationship

Channing Tatum is gearing up for his last dance as "Magic Mike," and this time, he won't be dancing alone. And no, we're not just talking about his reunion with Steven Soderbergh, who helmed the first "Magic Mike" movie and who served as the cinematographer and editor of its sequel, "Magic Mike XXL," under AD-turned-director Gregory Jacobs. For "Magic Mike's Last Dance," it seems there will be more of a relationship aspect than there has been in previous movies, where romance took a backseat to Mike Lane's adventures as a male stripper in Tampa, Florida.