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Freedom Watch 04/08/21, a legislative update from Rep. Steven Holt

Vaccine Passports, Decisive Leadership & Reasons for Optimism. Vaccine passports are un-American, unconstitutional, and unacceptable. No Iowan should be forced to get a vaccine in order to participate in normal life and exercise their most fundamental God-given rights. No Iowan should be forced to have a chemical injected into their body against their will, in order to be able to go to a grocery store, attend a baseball game or a movie, or travel freely in our country.
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Steven Holt Out of 36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists guitarist and co-founder Steven Holt shared a post on his personal social media accounts last Friday, March 19, in which he directed some particularly vitriolic words for one unnamed member of the band. His profile bio also now includes the phrase “X-36CF,” leading fans to conclude he is no longer with the band.

36 Crazyfists Guitarist Steven Holt Claims The Band Have Broken Up

There seems to be some trouble in the 36 Crazyfists camp with the band’s co-founding guitarist Steve Holt having proclaimed the long-running metalcore outfit as being over on his Facebook profile this past Friday, March 19th. It is unclear however if Holt speaks for the rest of the group, as he seemingly targeted a single member in his post. While did not see the post itself, the below screencap has been circulating since.

Freedom Watch 03/12/21: a legislative update from Rep. Steven Holt

This is the second newsletter this week, necessary to keep everyone informed on the important events taking place. In Week 9 of the 2021 Legislative Session, the House passed our seventh and eighth bills to address the childcare shortage in Iowa, two bills to expand access to mental health services for Iowa citizens, and two bills to support victims of sexual assault.

Freedom Watch 01/30/21: A legislative update from Rep. Steven Holt

Week 3 was a great week for freedom in the Iowa House. For the right to life, we advanced the Life Amendment, which will help protect the abortion restrictions we currently have in place in Iowa. For the fundamental right to defend ourselves and those we love, we advanced the Freedom Amendment, to place strong protections on the right to keep and bear arms in our State Constitution. For greater parental choice, we passed HF229 to require schools to give parents the option of 100% in-person learning. House Republicans are also moving forward with initiatives to make rural Iowa stronger by increasing access to affordable childcare.
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Freedom Watch 01/21/21: A legislative update from Rep. Steven Holt

Week 2 of the 89th General Assembly has been highly productive, as Republicans move forward with the priorities Iowans elected us to accomplish. This week, Representatives Landon and Gobble took the first step to ensure parental choice in education by introducing a bill that gives the decision-making power back to the parents when it comes to their child’s education.