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Interview: Steven Canals on shooting under COVID, creating history and closing the door on ‘Pose’ [VIDEO]

“How exhausting is that, always having to fight to just exist.”. When Pose debuted on FX in June of 2018 a revolution was born. It wasn’t simply that the stories of trans women, of Black and brown queer people hadn’t been shown like this before but the casting of Black and Latina trans women in those roles was itself groundbreaking. For co-creator Steven Canals this was only the beginning.
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Pose’s Steven Canals on poignant series finale and [REDACTED]’s sacrifice

This post discusses plot points from the series finale of Pose. After three years of jaw-dropping looks and heart-tugging moments, Pose has ended its bejeweled run. The groundbreaking FX period drama, from Steven Canals, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk, centered on the trans women of color and queer people of color who made New York City’s ball culture. With the largest trans cast of any TV drama, Pose earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, and Billy Porter (who plays the wonderfully acerbic Pray Tell) became the first openly gay Black man to be nominated for and win in an Emmy lead acting category.
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New Hollywood Podcast: ‘Pose’ Creator Steven Canals Gives Trailblazing FX Drama The Send-Off It Deserves

June 6 marks the series finale of Pose, a drama that enlightened the masses about 1980s and ’90s ballroom culture in New York that served as a haven of family and love for the LGBTQIA+ community — specifically for trans people of color. The finale aligns with the kickoff of Pride Month, and for Steven Canals, who created the series alongside Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, this is an end of a groundbreaking era of television and the start of a career destined to flourish.

Pose boss Steven Canals shares doubts the team had over Candy's death

Pose's death storyline for Candy Ferocity during season 2 has been addressed by co-creator Steven Canals. Sitting down for an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, he admitted there were initial doubts from the team, but real-life tragedies reminded them that Pose could be educational for fans. Related: Pose boss Steven...

Pose boss Steven Canals explains major season 3 changes

Pose season 3's time jump has been addressed by co-creator Steven Canals. In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, the TV boss walked us through the decision behind this leap to 1994 and how it sets the brand-new episodes apart from what's gone before. "I think what's exciting about the...

Steven Canals knows you don't want Pose to end

Rainbow Crew is an ongoing interview series that celebrates the best LGBTQ+ representation on screen. Each instalment showcases talent working on both sides of the camera, including queer creatives and allies to the community. Next up, we're speaking to Pose co-creator Steven Canals. "You're never going to get this made....

Pose co-creator Steven Canals: A shortened third and final season was always the plan

“If you watch this season, and more specifically the finale, that was what it was always intended to be,” Canals said Monday while discussing the seven-episode final season. “If you go back to the first season, everything was a set up for this final chapter. Stories have a beginning, middle and an end, and this final season was the end of this three-arc narrative that we’ve been telling. … It’s us finally allowing our characters to explore what it means to have all of the things that they very clearly stated in the first season that they wanted.” Although Canals noted they “certainly could have continued to create narrative around these characters and this world, and we talked about (that) in the writers’ room,” ultimately the reason Season 3 is the last is because, “for me as a true lover of television, one of the things that has always frustrated me is when I am tuning into a season of television and I can tell this season just feels like filler. “The last thing I wanted to do to our audience was create narrative simply to create narrative, and with no real intention. I could see the ending … and it made sense to land the plane comfortably, if you will.”
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‘Pose’ Co-Creator Steven Canals Says Drama’s Three-Season Run Was “Intentional”; Cast Touts FX Series’ Impact

For Steven Canals, the co-creator of the groundbreaking FX drama Pose, highlighting the stories of the House of Evangelista was first a selfish act. However, days before the final chapter premieres Sunday, Canals said Pose has evolved to support, represent, validate and celebrate the members of the Black, Latinx, Afro-Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities and other marginalized groups.