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Steve Hackett says his new record is a 'musical diary'

According to Steve Hackett, his new record is a "musical diary". Steve Hackett's new album is a "musical diary". The 70-year-old star has described his newest record, 'Under a Mediterranean Sky', as a "travelogue", and has revealed the inspirations behind his music. Discussing the album, Steve shared: "I just love...
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Steve Hackett finds chart music 'depressing'

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett has confessed that he finds most modern pop tunes "depressing". Steve Hackett finds modern pop music "depressing". The former Genesis guitarist admits that he isn't a fan of much of the music in the charts as he can't relate to it. Steve said: "I usually...

Steve Hackett of Genesis, Interview – ‘Under A Mediterranean Sky’

Steve Hackett of Genesis joins Anne Erickson to discuss his new album, “Under A Mediterranean Sky,” and the Genesis legacy. Guitarist Steve Hackett brims with creativity and new ideas, and that imagination is apparent on the legendary guitarist’s new, acoustic album, “Under A Mediterranean Sky.” The album, which marks Hackett’s first acoustic solo album since 2008’s “Tribute,” is inspired by Hackett’s vast travels around the Mediterranean with his wife, Jo.

Steve Hackett Explains Why He Left Genesis and Rules Out Reunion

Steve Hackett believes that a reunion with Genesis is unlike and he explained the reason why he decided to leave the group, during a new interview with the Vintage Rock Podcast. Hackett spoke to the podcast to promote his new acoustic album "Under A Mediterranean Sky" and during the chat...

Steve Hackett conjures brooding musical history on ‘Under A Mediterranean Sky’

According to a 1970 ad he placed in British music magazine Melody Maker, guitarist and songwriter Steve Hackett displayed an early interest in pushing “beyond existing stagnant music forms.” This attitude landed him a high-profile gig as the guitarist for progressive rock pioneers Genesis during a run of celebrated albums. His refined, high-minded approach meshed synergistically with Genesis’ obscure, theory-driven arena rock.

Steve Hackett Releases 'Sirocco' Video

Former Genesis star Steve Hackett has released a music video for his new single "Sirocco". The track comes from his forthcoming "Under A Mediterranean Sky". The acoustic album is set to be released in various formats (including digitally, a Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP + CD + LP-booklet), on January 22nd and was inspired by Steve's travels around the Mediterranean with his wife Jo.
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Steve Hackett: ”The wounds never healed from my dad’s guitar. He said, ‘You’ll get calluses’… but I just had fingers that were bleeding!”

It’s a time of reflection for Steve Hackett. With his autobiography, A Genesis In My Bed, on the bookshelves and a new live album retelling his old band Genesis’s most powerful prog statement with a version of Selling England By The Pound, the time seems right to look back and trace his musical journey to its starting point…

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