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Senator Steve Daines visits Glendive to talk about the Keystone XL pipeline

660 KEYZ News Radio on assignment today in Glendive, MT with Senator Steve Daines at Fisher Sand and Gravel. Senator Daines is touring businesses impacted by the Biden Administration’s stopping of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Dickinson, ND based company estimates a loss of roughly 1.5 million with the pipeline’s closure.

Montana Sen. Steve Daines Reminisces on Old-Fashioned American Meth

Senator Steve Daines seemed a little too nostalgic over what he described as homegrown American meth -- which was apparently ruined when Mexican cartels started infiltrating. The Montana legislator was one of 18 U.S. Senators who were down at the southern border this past week -- surveying what they're calling one of the biggest crises facing the country today ... this in light of the fact President Biden hasn't been down there himself just yet.

Steve Daines Breaks Bad, Pines Wistfully For the Good Ole Days Of Montana Meth

This is quite a confab going on down on the southern border. Ted Cruz did a piece early this morning, talking about how he was at the scene of a “humanitarian crisis” with thousands of immigrants pouring across the Rio Grande, women and children sleeping on the floors of huts or something but all you could see on camera was weeds. Then Tom Cotton arrived at this war zone, wearing a Polo shirt. But my favorite, hands down, is Steve Daines, doing a riff right out of a Breaking Bad script, about how great it was in Montana, back in the day, when men were men and meth was meth.
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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Daines reintroduces bill to protect gun owners bringing firearms across state lines

Sen. Steve Daines, Montana Republican, on Tuesday reintroduced legislation to strengthen protections for gun owners legally bringing their firearms across state lines amid concerns about President Biden’s call for stricter gun laws. The 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act [FOPA] allows for the interstate transportation of ammunition and firearms, provided they...
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Senator Steve Daines appears on KGVO Montana Morning News

Montana Senator Steve Daines was on the KGVO Montana Morning News on Wednesday and answered questions about the two Biden cabinet nominees that have appeared before Daines and the other members of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Daines said Representative Deb Haaland (D- New Mexico), the nominee...