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Mets owner Steve Cohen has placed hedge fund execs in key roles at team: report

Steve Cohen, the Mets’ deep-pocketed owner, has brought key employees from his $24 billion hedge fund to moonlight in the MLB team’s front office — and their number-crunching strategies are paying off, according to a report. Some of Cohen’s top executives from Point72 Asset Management, including chief technology officer Mark Brubaker and head of tax Steve Canna, are likewise listed as executives at the Mets. The team also employs Point72’s head of human resources, data solutions, and data engineering in the same roles, according to The Wall Street Journal. Point72 has also loaned out other employees to fill in for spot duty...
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Mark My Words podcast with KUSI News Director, Steve Cohen

In this edition of KUSI’s Mark My Words podcast, we sat down for an extended conversation with KUSI’s News Director, Steve Cohen. Cohen went over the complicated SCOTUS opinion on Roe vs. Wade, and what exactly the opinion says, they did not debate beliefs about abortion, rather just what it legally means to give the decision making back to the states. Here in California, this ruling will have no impact.

Steve Cohen Is Speaking For All Mets Fans

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is a man of the people. He’s the kind of owner that takes his job very seriously, but also enjoys it and acts as a fan at the same time. He’s the owner players and fans alike want running their team, somebody who is serious about winning and cares about doing whatever he can to put the best possible product out on the field.

Mets Owner Steve Cohen Proves He Only Has Winning In Mind

The New York Mets are off to their best start since 2018. They’re 16-8 to start the season, which is the best record in the entire National League. Owner Steve Cohen appears to have assembled a squad that is capable of winning its first World Series title since 1986.

Robinson Cano decision proves Steve Cohen is Mets’ most valuable weapon

The Mets’ most lethal weapon is not one of their two Hall-of-Fame arms, or the lumber carried to the plate by any of their hitters. Steve Cohen’s bank account makes the Mets most dangerous, and gives their fans reason to believe the team’s revival will not prove to be yet another cruel practical joke. Faced with a roster cutdown deadline Monday, and with a chance to throw another pile of dirt on top of the Wilpon Era, Cohen did the right thing by eating the nearly $40 million owed Robinson Cano rather than protecting his bottom line at the expense of,...

Steven Matz has no grudge with Steve Cohen despite offseason tweet

ST. LOUIS — Steven Matz escaped the Mets’ clutches last offseason, leaving the team’s owner to vent his frustration on social media. Steve Cohen accused Matz’s agent of reneging on a contract agreement and called the behavior “unprofessional.” Instead of returning to the Mets after spending 2021 with the Blue Jays, the 30-year-old lefty signed with the Cardinals for $44 million over four years.

Steve Cohen enjoying fast start as Mets, Dodgers show spending matters: Heyman

Mets owner Steve Cohen’s signing of Max Scherzer for a record $130 million very nearly matched the $141.3 million he paid for Alberto Giacometti’s famed sculpture L’Homme au doigt.  As of today, the artist on the mound looks as if he may be a value as good or better than the actual art.  Scherzer has tossed one masterpiece after another since he showed up in St. Lucie as the one MLB pitcher ready for regular business, fresh off his winter filled by tough CBA negotiations and frequent South Florida sweat.  In baseball, as in art, Cohen said by phone, he finds it’s better...

Mets’ Steve Cohen is too classy to make Yankees’ Aaron Judge nightmare happen

When the Yankees‘ contract talks with Aaron Judge broke down, the Mets speculation was inevitable. Judge plans to test free agency and is seeking a massive financial commitment. Mets owner Steve Cohen has money to burn and a demonstrated affinity for splashy acquisitions. The potential pairing seems obvious, especially given Judge has proven he can handle New York and the National League now has a designated hitter, which makes him more valuable to the Mets.

Steve Cohen tops 50 most interesting people in MLB for 2022

Steve Cohen was never physically in a labor negotiating session. But he was present. He was the owner the other owners feared, and the one the players wanted as untethered to spend as possible. Cohen went into the lockout having guaranteed more to Max Scherzer per season than any other player — by $7 million. So, there was management trepidation of just where he might take a payroll that already was edging toward $280 million.