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Jim Ross Provides Insight On Steve Austin Never Wrestling Hulk Hogan In WWE

AEW Commentator Jim Ross did a deep dive with Conrad Thompson about Judgment Day 2002 on the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast. While discussing the main event, a match between Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker for the WWE Undisputed Championship, Ross explained why “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the white-hot superstar whose relationship with the company had almost completely deteriorated by May of 2002, wasn’t in that main event against Hogan, but was instead relegated to a handicap match lower on the card.
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Jim Ross Explains Why Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan Never Happened in WWE

Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan has gone down as one of the greatest "What If?" matches in WWE history. The pair only ever wrestled once when they were both in the WWE in the early 2000s via a tag team match involving The Rock, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall on the Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania X8. Austin would go on to wrestle Scott Hall at that event, while Rock took on Hogan in a clash of icons. Both sides have talked about why the match never came to fruition and Jim Ross provided his perspective on the situation during the latest Grilling JR podcast. He explained that Austin was cautious about working with Hogan after seeing how "The Hulkster" worked with The Undertaker at Judgement Day in May 2002.

Theory On His WrestleMania Moment With Steve Austin: It Was Wild, I Had So Much Fun

Few WWE Superstars can say they shared the ring with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WrestleMania, but Theory is on that list. The reigning WWE United States Champion is only 24 years old, but he competed in a high-profile match at “The Showcase of the Immortals” this year when he faced Pat McAfee. Theory is Mr. McMahon’s protégé, and the WWE Chairman got into the ring and challenged the former NFL star to an impromptu bout. After “The Boss” won (thanks to a pre-match attack by Theory), the duo’s celebration was interrupted by McMahon’s legendary rival, “Stone Cold.” Austin then dropped the boss and Theory with Stunners before he gave one to McAfee, too.

Why Steve Austin Never Had a Singles Match Against Hulk Hogan

During a recent episode of his podcast, “Grilling JR,” Jim Ross discussed the 2002 Judgment Day PPV match between Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. “The match was not an artistic success. But it wasn’t because those guys didn’t work their asses off. You’ve got a guy that’s got a bad back and he’s not a spring chicken … Taker tried to do all he could to make the match a success, but it just didn’t get the job done. And that’s sad to say when you’re talking about two legit legends like Taker and Hulk.”

Jeff Jarrett to appear on WWE's Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin

A conversation between Steve Austin and Jeff Jarrett will be featured on the next episode of Broken Skull Sessions. It was announced today that a new Broken Skull Sessions episode with Jarrett appearing as Austin's guest will premiere on Friday, June 3. Broken Skull Sessions is available on Peacock in the United States and the WWE Network everywhere else.

Drew McIntyre Gave Steve Austin Advice Before WrestleMania 38 Return Match

WWE star Drew McIntyre sat down with TalkSport to talk about a variety of subjects, including his experiences at WrestleMania 39. Drew McIntyre revealed he got a chance to talk to all of the legends that were part of WrestleMania weekend. “I got to speak to all of them and...

Kevin Owens on Not Knowing What to Expect Against Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38

– Kevin Owens recently joined The Tim Donnelly Show, and he discussed his investigation into Ezekiel on Raw and his match with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 38. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):. Kevin Owens on his investigation into Ezekiel: “I don’t even know what’s next myself. I’ll figure it...

Thunder Rosa Compares Her Feud With Britt Baker To Steve Austin vs. The Rock

During an appearance on the Under the Ring podcast, Thunder Rosa commented on her feud with Britt Baker in AEW:. “Every match that we had, it escalated to the next level. At first we had our match that was a regular match at Beach Break. Then, we had the tag matches and the blow off [Lights Outs]. The rivalry that we had, it’s real. Now that I took the title from her, it’s not something that is going to end. It’s like The Rock and Stone Cold (Steve Austin), something similar, or Trish (Stratus) and Lita. Something of that sort. Something that is never going to end. Our matches were definitely more physical in terms of female wrestling. We pushed a lot of boundaries that I don’t think people were used to seeing women in the mainstream media, doing something of that sort, especially on the last one. I probably watched it 10 times and I cannot tell you the amount of pain that everyone that was part of that match went through. From the wrestlers to the referees. It was very intense and we definitely…we had an opportunity to elevate women’s wrestling to another level with it.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin: "The best Zelda ever is..."

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda reached the peak of its success with Breath of the Wild, the saga's first open world gameplay. Steve Austin, on social media, asked a series of questions that his colleague Cody Rhodes had to answer in 30 seconds.