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STEPHEN PEARCY Shares Video Of 'Corporate Gig' In Houston

RATT singer Stephen Pearcy has shared video of a private concert he played with his solo band on June 10 in Houston, Texas. Check it out below. Earlier this month, Pearcy told Vintage Rock Pod that his upcoming sixth solo record will be a double LP. "So much time has passed since we started writing, Erik [Ferentinos] and I — my guitar player and co-writer guy [for] most of my solo [stuff]," he said. "It was so long ago. And the record was done; we had the songs written, like, six months ago. And that was a year process. Since then, I've been writing like a fool and writing with him, and all these new songs [came out]. So I figure let's do a double record and give it all you've got — just go in there and lay it down and say, 'Here. This is what happens in two years when you write tunes.' 'Cause they're way different. It goes all over the place, this record. Our new bass player, Jerry Montano, he did time in HELLYEAH; he's more of an aggressive writer/player. So these songs could be real heavy, heavy or they could be RATT sounding, obviously, if I write 'em. I'm trying to take 'em outside. I'm trying to do a lot of different things. And it's gonna be interesting, because it's gonna go all over the place, so good luck."
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Ratt's Stephen Pearcy Working On Double Album and Docuseries

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy is keeping really busy of late working on a new double album and he also shared some details about a new docuseries called "Backstage Pass" that he is working on. He spoke about both during a new interview with Vintage Rock Pod. He said of the...
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Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Defends His Singing, Denies Using Backing Tracks

Last week, in a message pointed at apparent online comments, Ratt's Stephen Pearcy defended his singing ability and denied using backing tracks during live performances, either with the band or solo. Without identifying any specific criticism or commenter, the 64-year-old Ratt frontman’s June 5 Facebook response seemingly arose from rumors...

RATT's STEPHEN PEARCY Says He Has 'Never Had To Use' Pre-Recorded Backing Vocals Or Guide Tracks While Performing Live

RATT's Stephen Pearcy has fired back at critics of his vocal ability, saying he has "never claimed to be Mr. Five-Octave Range Singer Boy". The 64-year-old founding RATT vocalist, who has been focusing mostly on his solo career while the band has been off the road, took to his Facebook page earlier today (Saturday, June 5) to write: "Got to make a point after all these years and directed to some recent posts. First to each his own, But never has RATT (since inception 1981) or myself solo had to use back vocal tracks, guide tracks or instruments blowing through the PA to lay it down. Sure, you have off nights and or your not povorati, party party, but let's be real here. Fans of our genre are much smarter these days and either want to witness a fail or just don't give a shit anymore. I've never claimed to be mr 5 octave range singer boy, nor did I wish to be. I'm a cement pirate since day one, no bs here. Now let's go party my friends, see ya out there soon enough, I'll keep it real with my Ratt Bastards. Feel lucky punk".