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Stephen King Praises New Thriller Series As Being 'Exactly What Streaming Was Made For'

Stephen King really seems to get a lot out of his Apple TV+ subscription. He's collaborated with the streamer in the recent past, the adaptation of Lisey's Story that he personally wrote having been developed as an exclusive for the service, but he seems to get a real kick out of the excellent original productions in the Apple library that he has no affiliation with. King has professed tremendous appreciation for Servant, which just wrapped its third season a few months ago, and more recently he proclaimed Severance as the "loopiest, coolest" show of the spring. Now he has taken to social media to reveal his fascination with another new title on the platform: Shining Girls.
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Firestarter (2022) vs. Firestarter (1984): Which Stephen King adaptation burns brightest?

How hot a commodity does Stephen King remain in Hollywood? Hot enough that there are at least two movies being released in 2022 based on books by King which have already been adapted for the screen. Horror fans will have to wait until September before sinking their teeth into filmmaker Gary Dauberman's new version of Salem's Lot, which was previously turned into a 1979 miniseries by Tobe Hooper, but they can now watch Blumhouse's Zac Efron-starring Firestarter, based on the same novel that inspired the 1984 movie with a young Drew Barrymore. Our the burning question: which Firestarter is most worth firing up?
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The best Stephen King adaptations ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Stephen King is a master of horror, but it can be trickier than it may seem to translate his material to the big screen. King’s best books are often complex and epic in scope, and making them work in the confines of just a few hours can be almost impossible.

Stephen King Shares Praise for New Apple TV+ Horror Series

More than merely being a creator of terrifying tales, Stephen King is also known to consume unsettling stories and share endorsements of them on Twitter, with the latest series to get the King sign of approval being Apple TV+'s Shining Girls. Fans of King will notice that Apple TV+ seems to be a go-to service for the author, as he has regularly shared praise for the M. Night Shyamalan series Servant, and while he's not involved in either Shining Girls or Servant and seemingly has no need to promote them, the streamer did adapt his novel Lisey's Story, a project he had been hoping for years to see brought to life. New episodes of Shining Girls premiere on Apple TV+ on Fridays.

11 thrilling Stephen King adaptations you can watch at home

To call Stephen King one of the most prolific authors of his time would be a gross understatement. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Carrie, The Stand, Misery, The Shining — the list goes on. King’s mark on the medium of cinema is just as iconic, dating as far back as his work on George Romero’s Creepshow to innumerable adaptations of his books courtesy of the likes of Brian De Palma, Frank Darabont, John Carpenter, and more.

Firestarter: Stephen King Reveals What He Prefers About New Remake to Original

Out now in theaters and on Peacock is a fresh adaptation of Stephen King's Firestarter, with the nature of being an adaptation of a novel seeing fans innately comparing it to its predecessor, which also includes comparisons to the 1984 film inspired by the novel. While the new film remains largely faithful to the source material and will draw similarities to the previous film, there are some changes that have been made, with King himself recently pointing out some of the reasons he thinks this new take on the material is an improvement from the movie that was released previously.

‘Firestarter’ Review: Newest Stephen King adaptation barely creates a spark

TEXAS, USA — There is value, maybe even the redemptive kind, in a movie that knows what it is. Hardcore genre fans understand this, and 1984’s “Firestarter” understands it too. The many faults of director Mark L. Lester’s film notwithstanding, its insistence on dryness at the very least provides kindling for embers of kitschy suspense to glow.

Firestarter review – soggy Stephen King remake struggles to ignite

There’s bad luck in store this Friday the 13th. Not just for all those involved with Blumhouse’s limp new take on Stephen King’s Firestarter but also for the cursed few who’ll end up watching a misbegotten theatrical release wisely coupled with a more modest US streaming launch on Peacock. Whatever the screen size, it’s a non-starter.

How to Watch Universal’s “Firestarter” new Stephen King movie premiere

Firestarter is now available for streaming online. Watch the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel today with a Peacock subscription. Based on Stephen King’s spooky sci-fi thriller from 1980, Firestarter the movie follows Charlie, a girl with pyrokinetic powers. Born with this extraordinary gift, she continuously struggles to contain her talent, protect her family, and evade those who wish to hold her captive. She’s 11 now, and her fiery powers are growing. After an explosive incident, parents Andy and Vicky take Charlie on the run—but with anger and pain constantly threatening to trigger her combustible abilities, the trio has to either learn quickly, or be overtaken by a clandestine federal agency.

Movie reviews: Stephen King classic gets a new treatment in the remake of 'Firestarter'

Well, she'd be great to take on a camping trip ... bonfires on demand!. A Stephen King classic gets a new treatment in the remake of "Firestarter." I did not see the original, so I cannot offer comparisons. Here, in what I believe is a first, Zac Efron plays a dad, a hot one at that, (excuse the pun). He and his wife (Sydney Lemmon) were subjects of a government experiment back in their college days. They came away with telekinetic powers which both have suppressed. But their genetics are strong. A bouncing baby girl comes along, and all hell breaks loose in the household. Her powers are even greater.

Why Stephen King Didn't Care If 1408 Flopped

Any time a writer publishes anything, he puts him or herself out there to be judged. Even with this very article, it is up to you, dear reader, to decide if it's any good or if it sucks. Imagine how thick-skinned Stephen King must be as one of the world's most renowned horror writers. In addition to his literary criticism, he must also deal with critiques of dozens of projects that have been adapted for film and television — most of which he has little control over.

Stephen King blasted for supporting Biden ‘disinformation czar’ Nina Jankowicz

Master of horror Stephen King was blasted on social media this week over his support for new White House “disinformation czar” Nina Jankowicz — with one lawmaker calling it the “scariest” thing he’s ever written.  “I stand with Nina Jankowicz,” King wrote in a Tuesday tweet that garnered severe pushback. “Scariest stuff you’ve ever written,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) posted in response.  “Everyone should have a propagandist hero! Mine is Bernays,” joked Stedi founder and CEO Zack Kanter, referring to so-called “father of public relations” Edward Bernays. “The Stand with Nina Jankowicz. I love remakes,” tweeted Matthew Kolken, the former elected director of the...