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Jay Williams disputed Kevin Durant’s claim that he’s a liar, added a limited mea culpa, then went off on Stephen Jackson

On Tuesday, ESPN’s Jay Williams relayed quite the story on air on Get Up (Mike Greenberg’s Morning Hot Take Parade), claiming that Kevin Durant got mad at him at a holiday party years ago for an on-air comparison that said Giannis Antetokounmpo had physical qualities like a combination of Durant and Anthony Davis. Williams said Durant told him “Don’t you ever compare me to Giannis,” and cited that as a personal element in the current Nets-Bucks series. Those comments made wide headlines, and Durant then took to Instagram to dispute Williams’ account, saying in the comments of a Sideline Sources post on this “This a fuckin lie. Jay Williams can NEVER speak for me, ever.” Well, on his ESPN Radio and ESPNEWS show (Keyshawn, Jay, and Zubin, the morning-slot successor to Golic and Wingo and Mike and Mike before it) Wednesday, Williams stood by his story, but offered a partial mea culpa for sharing it on air:
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Stephen Jackson appears to threaten Kwame Brown in Instagram post

Stephen Jackson and Kwame Brown have been going at it via social media and podcasts this week, and Jackson is ready to have a face-to-face discussion with Brown about it. Well, maybe even more than a discussion. In a YouTube video he published earlier this week, Brown blasted Jackson, Matt...

Kwame Brown’s Beef With Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson, Explained

Pull up any list of the NBA’s all-time biggest busts, and you’re likely to see Kwame Brown’s name alongside the likes of Greg Oden and Darko Miličić. So it was no surprise to hear Gilbert Arenas ​​​​​go after Brown on a recent episode of Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes’ All The Smoke podcast, in which Arenas called Brown a “show pony,” adding that Michael Jordan killed Brown’s confidence. Once Brown caught wind of what was said, he unleashed a series of tirades against his former colleagues, much to the delight of NBA Twitter and general lovers of drama alike.

Kwame Brown Rips Into Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes

For years, Kwame Brown’s lackluster career has been the butt of jokes from both players and fans. Yet, now it seems like the former No. 1 pick has had enough. During Gilbert Arenas’s recent appearance on the All The Smoke podcast, he spoke about his former Washington Wizards teammate to hosts Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. Seeing this ruffled Brown’s feathers, prompting him to take to sound off on Barnes, Stak, and Gil on Instagram Live.

Kwame Brown brutally roasts Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson

Former NBA player Kwame Brown is considered by many NBA fans and analysts one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Drafted as the first pick with the Washington Wizards, there was a lot of hype surrounding Kwame, but he never lived up to his expectations. Throughout the years, there were numerous jokes and memes about Kwane, the fact he underachieved in the NBA, and the recent ones who took shots at Kwame were Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes on All The Smoke podcast.

Kwame Brown Takes Huge Shots At Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, And Gilbert Arenas

Kwame Brown has been making headlines in recent hours, talking about his career, calling out fans and even former colleagues. Last week, Gilbert Arenas joined Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on Showtime's "All the Smoke", with the trio talking about Brown and his career. They tried to explain what went wrong with the player, claiming that Michael Jordan's criticism played a big role in his decline.