Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig-inspired “The Grand Budapest Hotel” film screening

Wes Anderson is a master of color, composition and balancing comedy with tragedy. The jewel of his work is “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” released in 2014, in much the same way that the hotel is the jewel of Zubrowka, the fictional country in which the equally fictional namesake of the film makes home. Appreciations to Writers’ Ring for screening the film for the student body in celebration of Stefan Zweig’s 140 birthday, the author who inspired the film, and in honor of SUNY Fredonia’s archive collection of Zweig, one of the largest Zweig collections in the world.
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English students create Stefan Zweig digital humanities projects

Two new digital humanities projects created by Fredonia students were launched on Sunday, Nov. 28, on the Reed Library website to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the birth of author Stefan Zweig. The projects were produced for the ENGL 399 Digital Humanities: Stefan Zweig course and utilized physical and digitized...