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Perdue closes primary run with racist attack on Stacey Abrams

Former Sen. David Perdue closed out his bid for the GOP's nomination for governor of Georgia by seizing on comments by Democrat Stacey Abrams over the weekend with a racist retort, accusing Abrams of “demeaning her own race.”. What he's saying: “She said that Georgia is the worst place...
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Stacey Abrams says Georgia ‘the worst state in the country to live,’ despite owning multiple houses there

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams declared Saturday that Georgia is "the worst state in the country to live," despite owning at least two houses there. "I’m running for governor because I know that we have to have a conversation about who we are in this state and what we want for each other and from each other," Abrams said during a speech at the Gwinnett Democrats' Bluetopia Gala in Norcross, according to audio posted by the Gwinnett Daily Post.

David Perdue says Stacey Abrams is 'demeaning her own race'

David Perdue, the former Republican senator from Georgia now vying to be the state's GOP gubernatorial candidate, accused Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams of "demeaning her own race." Abrams is a Black woman, and over the weekend, she pushed back at Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's (R) statement that Georgia is the...

Stacey Abrams comment about Georgia reveal talking points are coming from New York, California: Robert Patillo

Civil Rights attorney Robert Patillo reacted on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' saying her state is "the worst" place to live. ROBERT PATILLO: This is what happens when you have a campaign where most of your fundraisers are coming out of California, most of your talking points and political strategists are coming out of New York and D.C. The same things that work in D.C. aren’t going to work in Georgia. You have to get out there and talk to people in the grassroots, talk to some of the political strategists and political consultants who are right here in the state. You have people like Dee Dawkins-Haigler who is running for Secretary of State who’s been to all 159 counties and talks to people on a daily basis. You have to dig down and make sure you are reflecting the views of the people of your state, not simply if people were putting money into the campaign.

Stacey Abrams pledges to ‘lift Georgia up to the greatness we deserve’ if elected governor

Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, joins Joy Reid on the state of Georgia politics on the eve of the Georgia Primary that could impact the outcome of the next presidential election. There are several major races many are keeping a close eye on, as Georgia was ground zero for the former president's scheme to steal the 2020 election.May 24, 2022.