Spencer Roach

Spencer Roach announces re-election campaign in HD 76

He promised a committed fight for conservative values. Rep. Spencer Roach has scheduled a campaign kickoff for his re-election campaign at the Shell Factory on April 25. The North Fort Myers Republican will hold a separate kickoff in Charlotte County the following day, April 26, at the Discovery Center at Woodlea Hall in Babcock Ranch.
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Spencer Roach seeks end to committee week fundraising, zombie campaigns

But he also wants to triple the size of contributions legislative candidates may collect. Fundraising has largely stopped in Tallahassee since the Legislative Session began. But Rep. Spencer Roach wishes it had been cut off much sooner. “Committee weeks have devolved into a frenzied orgy of fundraising subsidized by the...
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Spencer Roach: No coronation for Donald Trump in ‘24

I am not a 'Never Trumper.' But I’m also not an 'Only Trumper.'. And then all hell broke loose. Overnight I’ve become a pariah within the Republican Party. I’ve been vilified by many of my supporters and called out as a “RINO,” “sellout,” a “traitor fit for GITMO,” and publicly denounced as a “Never Trumper.”

Spencer Roach wants partisan School Board races

Voters made the boards nonpartisan in 1998. Is it time to go back?. Rep. Spencer Roach filed legislation Thursday that could be the first step in making School Board races partisan again. The North Fort Myers Republican filed legislation, House Joint Resolution 35, that would put a new constitutional amendment...

“Ironic, right?’: Nikki Fried slams Spencer Roach over THC cap proposal

A fundraising email hits like a campaign pitch. Gov. Ron DeSantis says he is not “pushing” or “endorsing” limits on how much THC can be in medical cannabis, but one Democrat who may face him in next year’s General Election continues to keep the pressure on. Florida Consumers First, a...

Spencer Roach: The fight to save Florida’s medical marijuana program

We have a responsibility to act now, and an opportunity to act before it’s too late. In 2016, Florida voters overwhelmingly expressed their desire for a safe and accessible medical marijuana program, and I am fighting to preserve the medical nature of the program that voters demanded. What we have now is a recreational drug program masquerading as a medical marijuana program and the long-term societal carnage attendant with unfettered access to high-potency THC demands legislative action.

Representative Spencer Roach Must Resign

We have come to the conclusion that Spencer Roach must resign. We state this because Mr. Roach has lied to the people he is supposed to represent. Instead of Rep. Roach advocating for the People of his state seat, he has been on a mission to fulfill his own thirst for personal power at great cost to families across Florida.

Spencer Roach wants no stimulus going to cruise-hating Key West

If municipalities don't want cruise ships, they shouldn't get bailouts, he says. As Florida considers directing stimulus to the cruise industry, one Representative wants Key West left out. Rep. Spencer Roach, a North Fort Myers Republican, said the state should not offer any assistance to the port in Key West...

Chris Sprowls Names Spencer Roach to Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council

State House Speaker Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, appointed state Rep. Spencer Roach, R-North Fort Myers, to the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council this week. “Representative Roach’s experience as a counter-narcotics officer and service in the United States Coast Guard will make him a valuable addition to the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council,” said Sprowls. “I am confident Representative Roach will bring effective solutions for Florida’s families and victims of drug addiction, and I am proud to appoint him to this Council.”