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Sonya Deville Discusses Being Removed From A Position Of Authority In WWE

During a recent interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda, Sonya Deville discussed being fair when put in a position of power and feels her dismissal from authority was unjust. The interview was very much Deville in full character. Check out the highlights below (per Fightful):. On her feelings about being...
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Raw: Sonya Deville is undergoing an interesting shift

The episode of Raw opens immediately with the entry of OMOS & MVP, while the cell has already been lowered into the ring. The giant's manager takes the microphone and immediately begins to criticize Lashley's choices. The Allmighty is already fed up and enters immediately ... BUT IS ATTACKED BY...
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*Spoiler* Sonya Deville was removed from her role

In the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to strike up a new feud valid for the title of Raw Women's Champion, with the current champion, Bianca Belair, who had been challenged in one of the last episodes of the red show by the official of the company, Sonya Deville.

Alexa Bliss Returns To Action On WWE RAW, Sonya Deville No Longer An Official

Alexa Bliss made her surprise return to WWE RAW on tonight’s post-WrestleMania Backlash episode. RAW featured a backstage segment where Sonya Deville ranted to Adam Pearce about how she’s tired of this formal investigation into her conduct as a WWE official because they all know she gets the job done. Pearce went to tell Deville about her opponent for RAW, and to explain the findings of the investigation, but she stormed off to the ring and said it’s always business, never personal.

Alexa Bliss Returns, Sonya Deville Fired From WWE Official Job

Sonya Deville has been a WWE official for some time now, but this week she made her way out to the ring and Adam Pearce informed her that her contract had been terminated, and she would only be a WWE Superstar moving forward. Adam Pearce then introduced Sonya Deville’s mystery...

Raw: Sonya Deville claims to get a chance

Handicap Match: Mustafa Ali vs Theory & The Miz, Needless to say, the two try to sabotage the opponent in every way by exploiting the numerical advantage and in the end, after a bit of distraction outside the ring with Theory, Mustafa Ali returns, but there is Miz waiting for him with his Skull Crushing Final which then leads him to pin him and win.

Sonya Deville Stalker Case Closed

The legal situation involving Phillip A. Thomas, who broke into Sonya Deville’s home in August of 2020, has apparently been resolved. A court document from earlier this week shows that both cases (Felony and Stalking) against Thomas have been closed. As of this time, Sonya Deville hasn’t made comment on the situation.

Sonya Deville Recalls Her Reaction to Stalking and Attempted Kidnapping Incident

Sonya Deville recently discussed the scary incident when a man attempted to kidnap her in her home in the summer of 2020 and her reaction to the incident. As you may recall, a man was arrested in August of 2020 when he broke into her house attempting to kidnap her. The man was charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief and was found not competant to stand trial, with the intent of transferring to Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida.

Sonya Deville Speaks Out On Her Recovery From Attempted Kidnapping In 2020

As previously reported, Phillip A. Thomas II was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of Sonya Deville in 2020. Shortly after the incident, Deville took a hiatus from WWE. Thomas was later found incompetent to stand trial during a court hearing in May of 2021. Deville talked about recovering from...