Sondre Lerche

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remixes Sondre Lerche’s new single “King of Letting Go”

Sondre Lerche, who released Patience last year, is now back with a brand new single, "King of Letting Go," which puts a driving, dancey, electro-rock spin on his signature jazzy pop sound. He's just released a video for it, directed by Jon Danovic, that pays homage to Pet Shop Boys "Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)." You can watch that below.
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Introducing Sondre Lerche’s “Are We Alone Now”

The first time I ever played “Are We Alone Now” live was a few days after I wrote it, at a Pete Holmes comedy night at Largo, in West Hollywood. I was considering moving to LA and spending some time there. I was one of several unannounced guest performers at the show, albeit the only non-comedic one — or so I thought. After a particularly amusing set by someone hilarious (I want to say it was Zach Galifianakis, but that would be too perfect), I went on. I didn’t introduce myself, just started singing acapella the first verse of “Are We Alone Now,” which now features as a standalone track called “There Is No Certain Thing” on the Patience album. After quietly crooning the lines “Love is upon us/Two bodies fit/Our minds align, but in the end we must admit/There is no certain thing except that we will die alone,” I immediately felt the crowd anticipating (or perhaps longing for) a punchline of sorts to resolve the tension. This was a comedy show, after all.
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Sondre Lerche – “Rain On Me” (Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga Cover) & “I Contain Multitudes” (Bob Dylan Cover)

It’s a tradition unlike any other. Once a year, the Norwegian indie-pop great Sondre Lerche sends Stereogum a brand-new cover song as a Christmas present. He’s been doing it for more than a decade. Last year, Lerche gave us his version of Britney Spears’ “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.” In recent years, Lerche has also covered pop hits by Selena Gomez, Drake, and Sia, among many others. This year, he’s done something unprecedented. Even after releasing the new album Patience earlier this year, Lerche has given us two new cover songs.