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Warriors’ Stephen Curry makes extremely bold NBA Finals prediction that won’t please Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry has three championship rings to his name. That’s why when the Golden State Warriors star makes an NBA Finals prediction, he clearly has some credibility. The Warriors sharpshooter was interviewed alongside his wife Ayesha about their initiatives to give back to the community in Oakland. But of course, Curry was also asked about his thoughts on the ongoing NBA playoffs, and particularly about how it feels to be sitting things out for a second straight year.
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Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Dimitri Snowden Homeless?

Things are not looking great for Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden. This year has been riddled with scandal. It all started when Christeline Petersen accused him and his wife, Ashley of domestic abuse. She filed a temporary restraining order against Dimitri which was later dropped. Ultimately, the allegations led Dimitri’s former sister wife, Ariadne Joseph to speak out against the Snowdens. The downward spiral has kept going. Now, John Yates is sharing emails revealing Dimitri could be alone and homeless.
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Jarrod Schulz Shakes Things Up With Girlfriend Pic: Where’s Brandi?!

Jarrod Schulz resurfaced on Instagram for the first time in a pretty long time to shake things up with a photo of his girlfriend. Now, there were a lot of different reactions to this particular Instagram post from Storage Wars fans. The most prominent comment was: where the heck is his wife Brandi Passante?! Now, if you are current on Storage Wars and news related to the show, you know that is a pretty odd question. But, if you aren’t… Don’t worry. We’ll explain.
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3 Dangerous Neighborhoods To Avoid In Spokane

Are there any neighborhoods in Spokane that you tend to avoid? Do you feel safe walking through the streets of Spokane?. If your response is no, you might want to pay attention to the following neighborhoods below. After all, we'll be going through the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates in the city.

Nicki Minaj Rocks Matching Outfit With Her Son In New IG Pics

Nicki Minaj shared new photos with her son, on Instagram, Saturday, rocking cute coordinated outfits. The new pics show Minaj and her son rocking all-white outfits and come with a caption consisting solely of emojis. The post includes three pictures of Minaj on her own as well. "He is so...
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BREAKING… Man shot, killed by Wallkill cop

TOWN OF WALLKILL – One man is dead following his being shot by a Town of Wallkill police officer late Saturday afternoon, Police Chief Robert Hertman told Mid-Hudson News. The incident occurred at Schutt Road and Avenue A in the town. The chief said there was a confrontation and the officer fired his weapon, striking the man who was taken to Garnet Health Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
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Bidenomics is proving a total disaster that could send America back to stagnant ‘70s

Bidenomics is proving an utter disaster for American workers and consumers, and don’t bet on it to end soon. With the pandemic all but over — more than half of American adults are fully vaccinated, and transmissions have fallen through the floor — the economy wants to roar back to life. Job openings climbed to 9.3 million in April, the highest number since the Labor Department started collecting the stats in 2000 and a million more than in March, the feds announced last week.
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An inside look at the final hours of Cayley Mandadi's life

After attending a music festival with her boyfriend in October 2017, Cayley Mandadi died from injuries she sustained that day -- but what exactly caused her death?. Cayley Mandadi, 19, was a typical Texas teenager navigating life through school, sports and boys. Friends say Cayley had a good heart and was "full of love." Her mother says Cayley was a happy person who was trusting, warm and always smiling.
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There Could Be a Dark Side to Mandating Vaccination, Survey Finds

Should governments compel their citizens to receive vaccinations? It's a question that's more pertinent than ever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but a new study suggests that forcing people into getting jabs could become counter-productive. The research looked at surveys completed by 2,653 German residents during both the first and the second waves of the pandemic, analyzing how attitudes changed over time during 2020. The German government has committed to keeping vaccines voluntary for its population. Despite infection rates being 15 times higher in Germany during the second wave in October and November, the data showed that resistance to mandatory...