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Sinead O’Connor cancels all gigs for ‘her own health’ months after son’s death

Singer Sinead O’Connor has canceled all of her upcoming live shows five months after the tragic death of her teenage son, Shane O’Connor. The “Nothing Compares 2 U” hitmaker in January lost her 17-year-old son, who she said, “decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God.” As she continues to grieve the loss, O’Connor’s management team released a statement announcing she is canceling all her scheduled gigs and will not be performing for the rest of the year. The company, 67 Management, said it was not easy for the singer to abruptly cancel her upcoming shows, but said it’s...
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Sinead O’Connor cancels all gigs for ‘her own health and wellbeing’ five months after death of teenage son

Sinead O’Connor has cancelled all upcoming live performances five months after the death of her teenage son.In January, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer announced the death of her 17-year-old son Shane, who she said had “decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God”.In a statement shared on Friday (17 June), O’Connor’s management said that due to her continuing grief, the musician was cancelling all her forthcoming tour dates and would not be performing for the rest of the year.Stressing that it was not an easy decision for the singer, they said she had cancelled the...

Fontaines D.C. On Sinead O’Connor, Cocteau Twins, Rear Window, And More Inspirations Behind Their New Album

Under The Influence is a new revival of a very old Stereogum franchise, in which we ask artists to talk about the inspirations behind their albums. From other music, to film, to novels, to stray notes left behind by friends, and who knows what else, this is what’s on people’s minds when they’re writing the songs we eventually come to know and love.

Sinead O'Connor shares her very explicit response to Piers Morgan's interview request

Piers Morgan invited Sinead O’Connor to sit down for an interview with him - and was savaged over his sexual prowess in response.The singer, 55, posted a screenshot to Twitter of the brutal email response she sent to the former Good Morning Britain star. She said he has been trying to get an interview with her since the death of her son Shane, 17.But while some would turn down the outspoken former tabloid editor with a polite ‘no’, O’Connor blasted him with allegations that he’s been "driven crazy" by a Meghan Markle obsession.Sharing the screenshot, she wrote: "Piers Morgan's been...

Sinéad O’Connor doc Nothing Compares from Kathryn Ferguson heads to Showtime

Showtime in the US has acquired worldwide rights to a forthcoming documentary about Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor directed by Kathryn Ferguson. Nothing Compares charts O’Connor’s rise to worldwide fame and examines how she used her voice at the height of her stardom before her iconoclastic personality led to her exile from the pop mainstream.

Sundance Review: Nothing Compares Reassesses the Downfall of Sinéad O’Connor

If you know Sinéad O’Connor’s name it’s likely two images come to mind: a buzzed head in a black turtleneck, a ripped-up photograph of Pope John Paul II. Kathryn Ferguson’s new documentary is an excellent primer on the captivating Irish singer’s brief moment of skyrocketing fame and politically motivated plummet. Nothing Compares doesn’t necessarily provide shocking information for those already familiar, but it is a well-executed, dedicated look at a fascinating, outspoken voice.
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Why the ‘Euphoria’ teens listen to Sinead O’Connor, Tupac, and Selena

“We were not interested in playing by those rules." A modern high schooler’s birthday party, chaperoned by an inebriated mother with no household rules except discretion, gets going to the sound of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” that indelible 1990s relic. “I love this song!” the mom squeals, with an added profanity.

Sinéad O'Connor doc Nothing Compares debuts at Sundance without Prince hit ballad

Nothing Compares, Kathryn Ferguson's documentary about the life and career of lionized artist Sinéad O'Connor, premiered at the virtual Sundance Film Festival on Friday, chronicling everything from the Irish singer-songwriter's abusive childhood to her infamous 1992 Saturday Night Live performance when she tore up a photo of the Pope. An essential track, however, is notably absent.

‘Nothing Compares’ Review: Looking Back at the Beautiful Fury of Sinéad O’Connor

Album covers used to be mythically important — they could etch the image of a musician forever in your mind’s eye. In “Nothing Compares,” Kathryn Ferguson’s incisive and poignant documentary about the life and career of Sinéad O’Connor, we see the image that was chosen in 1987 for the cover of O’Connor’s first album, “The Lion and the Cobra,” made when she was 20 years old and pregnant: an extraordinary photograph of Sinéad in mid-scream. Talk about mythology! That’s how the album was released in Europe, but for us benighted souls in America, the image was deemed to edgy. It...