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The Money Was Never What Drew Sidney Poitier To Acting

Sidney Poitier's career has always been synonymous with dignity, both on-screen and off. The late actor searched for films that respected their Black characters, and characters that would create better opportunities for Black actors. He would often turn down roles in films that failed to align with his principles, even when he needed a job more than anything. He was an actor who would rather take out a loan to support his family than compromise for a film, so it was definitely not about the money for Poitier.
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‘GoodFellas’ Star Paul Sorvino Dies at 83—His Wife Was By His Side

Rest in peace. The celebrity deaths of 2022 include Sidney Poitier and more stars, actors and singers who have passed away this year. The celebrity deaths of 2022 come after a year of loss in 2021, which saw the deaths of stars like Betty White, Joan Didion, Cicely Tyson, Prince Philip and Willie Garson. On the morning of December 31, 2021, Betty White—an actress and comedian best known for roles in TV shows like The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show—died at 99 years old. Her death came three weeks before her 100th birthday. “Even though Betty was about to be 100, I thought she would live forever,” White’s friend and agent Jeff Witjas said in a statement at the time. “I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world that she loved so much. I don’t think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden. She believed she would be with him again.”
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Sidney Poitier, Cowboy: The Revisionist Western Brilliance of 'Buck and the Preacher'

With the upcoming Criterion Collection release of Sidney Poitier’s brilliant Western Buck and the Preacher, it is essential to acknowledge the film’s revolutionary revision of both the Western genre and the '70s blaxploitation cycle. Centered on a tumultuous wagon train trip led by the titular duo, Buck and the Preacher interweaves a post-Civil War history of the “Exodusters” movement from the South to the West after the abolition of slavery within a tightly structured Western adventure story.

In The Heat Of The Night Had To Change A Scene If They Wanted Sidney Poitier

"In the Heat of the Night" features a scene that DGA Quarterly, the official magazine of the Directors Guild of America, once called "the slap heard round the world." The phrase has taken on a different cultural connotation in the wake of the Will Smith–Chris Rock slapping incident at the 94th Academy Awards, but it was once applied to a movie that won five Oscars, including Best Picture.

All the Stars We've Lost in 2022

We're paying our respects to all the prolific musicians, actors, comedians, and cultural icons who died in 2022. In July, we lost "Bust Down" star Jak Knight, "Yu-Gi-Oh" creator Kazuki Takahashi, "The Godfather" actor James Caan, and William "Poogie" Hart of The Delfonics. "Hair" cocreator James Rado and former NFL star Tony Siragusa also died in June.

Samuel L. Jackson criticises Oscars over Sidney Poitier tribute: “He was Hollywood fucking royalty”

Samuel L. Jackson has criticised the Oscars for its handling of the death of actor Sidney Poitier, saying that he should have had “a whole section”. At the ceremony in March the late actor was commemorated with a 40 second tribute at the beginning of the In Memoriam section. His work was also celebrated alongside Ivan Reitman and Betty White during an additional song-led section.

Safdie Brothers’ ‘Daddy Longlegs,’ Sidney Poitier and More Coming to Criterion in August

Criterion announced today the five new titles that are programmed to join their slate of remarkable films. While the July releases will focus on recent and even instant classics like Academy Award winner Drive My Car, the August titles are lesser known movies that range from acclaimed directors’ early works to a Sidney Poitier gem and a unique take on life from an Ethiopian filmmaker. As always, the titles reflect Criterion Collection’s intent to honor sublime filmmaking across all countries and eras of Cinema.
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Ebertfest 2022 Announces Complete Lineup, Will Be Dedicated to Sidney Poitier and Gilbert Gottfried

The 22nd Annual Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, co-founded and hosted by Chaz Ebert and also known as "Ebertfest," will be dedicated to the memories of trailblazing actor and Oscar-winner Sidney Poitier (1927-2022) and beloved comedian Gilbert Gottfried (1955-2022). Chaz Ebert, on behalf of herself and everyone at Ebertfest, extends the deepest condolences to the families of Mr. Poitier and Mr. Gottfried. Here is a rough cut of our tribute to Mr. Poitier...

Sidney Poitier, Betty White and Ivan Reitman Get Special Tributes During Oscars

Click here to read the full article. Sidney Poitier, Betty White and Ivan Reitman received heartfelt tributes on Oscar Sunday. Tyler Perry paid homage to Poitier before the opening of the annual In Memoriam segment. “He was the first, and for far too long, the only Black man to win an Oscar for best actor,” Perry said of Poitier, who made history with his win in 1964. “When he stood on that stage, he did more than shatter a barrier. He stood there for all that came before him, and sparked the dreams of all who followed. To quote Mr. Poitier himself,...

Oscars In Memoriam Celebrates Those We Lost in 2021 Like Sidney Poitier and Betty White

While the Academy Award ceremony is a time of celebrating the achievements in film over the past year, it also serves as a platform to honor those who greatly contributed to the arts and passed away during the year’s course. Just as they do every year, the Academy put together a tribute video created to honor those who left us during 2021.

Sidney Poitier Proved In ‘Buck And The Preacher’ That Black Actors Deserved To Be More Than Small Parts In Someone Else’s Play

It was only this past October when Netflix released The Harder They Fall, a revisionist Western based on real life figures of the 19th century American West. One of the few films of the genre to ever feature a majority Black cast, Harder arrived with and earned considerable buzz for its thoughtful blend of dramatic tension, strong action scenes and well-timed comedy. Even though there was a spirited debate about colorism as it relates to the role of Stagecoach Mary (played by Zazie Beetz), the very idea that African-Americans were able to see themselves in a genre dominated and arguably created for white American men is a remarkable feat on its own.