Sia Says She’s Behind Popular Snoop Dogg-Affiliated NFT Twitter Account

Click here to read the full article. Sia has come out… as an avid NFT collector. On Tuesday (March 8), the singer-songwriter revealed that she’s behind the NFT Twitter handle @BiancaMedici69, which trades and discusses NFTs with over 13,000 followers. The account owner had been teasing their identity for several days, tweeting on Monday, “It’s been a joy quietly collecting NFTs this last year supporting other artists & causes. And oh what fun being a secret Medici. But I think it may bring more attention to these artists & causes if I went ‘public.’ So Tuesday at 2pm PT, I will...

Singer-songwriter Sia invests in cultured meat pet food brand

Love it or hate it, cultured meat is gaining traction as music star and vegetarian Sia announces her investment in Bond Pet Foods. Singer and long-time animal advocate, Sia Fuller (simply known as ‘Sia’), has invested in US start-up, Bond Pet Foods, joining the team as an investor and advisor.

Sia Says She Entered Rehab Following Relapse After Backlash to 'Music' Film

Sia is revealing her struggles after the backlash surrounding Music, the film that marked her directorial debut. The 46-year-old performer briefly talked about her issues in a New York Times profile for pal Kathy Griffin, who was discussing her own battle with addiction. “I was suicidal and relapsed and went...

Sia was suicidal after backlash to ‘Music’ film

Sia was suicidal and checked herself into rehab after receiving major backlash from the public over directing a controversial 2021 film about autism. Speaking to the New York Times about Kathy Griffin — who was “canceled” following a 2017 photo shoot in which she held a fake decapitated Donald Trump head — the “Chandelier” singer revealed the comedian pulled her out of her depression.

Sia Was ‘Suicidal’ and ‘Went to Rehab’ After ‘Music’ Backlash: Kathy Griffin ‘Saved My Life’

Kathy Griffin is a lifesaver, according to Sia. The singer-songwriter praised the comedian in a New York Times profile on the “Search Party” star, citing that Griffin was there for her in an unprecedented time of need. “I was suicidal and relapsed and went to rehab,” Sia reflected on the criticism in early 2021 following the release of her controversial film, “Music.” “She saved my life.” The musician said that Griffin helped her back to life after inviting her to dinner at a restaurant in Hollywood back in November, where Griffin knew they’d be seen by paparazzi to build better buzz for...

Sia was suicidal and went to rehab following Music backlash

Sia was suicidal and went to rehab following the backlash over her film ‘Music’. The 46-year-old singer – who has complex PTSD – has revealed she relapsed following the controversy surrounding her casting Maddie Ziegler in the titular role of an autistic teenager, instead of someone neuroatypical, in her 2021 directional debut.