Si Robertson


‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Reveals His Sweet Tea Recipe

After years of “Duck Dynasty” fans asking for it, Si Robertson reveals the secret recipe for his famous sweet tea in a resurfaced YouTube video. “Look, if you know anything about the Robertson family, we’re known to get together,” the “Duck Dynasty” star states, that’s when he begins to create his sweet tea. He starts with a microwavable bowl that he puts five family-sized tea bags in. The former reality star notes that he personally prefers the strength of his tea to be stout and then pops the bowl into the microwave. He then sets a timer for six minutes.

‘Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson Posts Rare Photo With Wife to Celebrate 51st Anniversary

“Duck Dynasty” concluded its run on TV five years ago already. However, some of our favorite stars continue to find their way to the spotlight, branching off to complete and share projects of their own. One fan-favorite series star is Uncle Si Robertson, who went on to create several publications of his own. He also took to the airwaves on the podcast, the “Duck Call Room.” Now though, the beloved redneck is sharing the spotlight, casting attention on his wife, Christine. In a humorous post, Si wished his longtime partner a happy 51st anniversary.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Tips His Hat To Our Nation’s Veterans

Uncle Si and the boys are giving a Duck Dynasty salute to all of the United States military members now, in the past, and in the future. Just about everyone knows and loves the man known as “Uncle Si.” Si Robertson starred on the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty from 2012 until 2017. During that time, Uncle Si made us all laugh. He has without a doubt become one of the most beloved people in the country since that time.

Si Robertson Shows You ‘How Not to Shoot a Deer’

For some people, fall means pumpkin spice, changing leaves, sports, and horror movies. However, for those in pursuit of fresh meat, fall means something different altogether. For that sect of the population, fall means deer season. In most places, archery season opens on the first day of October. Then, other forms of harvest become available later in the season. For several hunters, rifle or muzzleloader season is where it’s at. It looks like Si Robertson has already dusted off his rifle.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Proclaims He’s ‘Everyone’s Adopted Uncle’

If you ask Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson, he will say that he’s your adopted uncle. He says that he is everybody’s adopted uncle. We all know and love Si Robertson, there’s no question about that. The man who goes by “Uncle Si” spent years making the entire country laugh as a part of Duck Dynasty. He was without a doubt one of the fan-favorite characters on the A&E reality show which graced our television screens from 2012 until 2017.