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Random: The Internet Goes Wild For "Rockstar" Shigeru Miyamoto

A look at the creator of Mario in his younger years. Have you ever wondered what the creator of Super Mario and Nintendo God Shigeru Miyamoto might have looked like in his younger years? Well, here you go!. A photo shared by Nintendeal on social media reveals Miyamoto's appearance many...
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Departing Nintendo veteran says that Shigeru Miyamoto "was very strict on himself"

Nintendo veteran Takaya Imamura has reflected on his 30 years he spent at the company, telling IGN what it was like to work with legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Imamura left Nintendo earlier this year after 32 years at the company, where he helped make classics like Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. But when asked to sum up three decades of work, one particular figure stood out. "The only way to sum it up is by saying that it was 32 years of working under Shigeru Miyamoto."
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Japan: Shigeru Miyamoto officially opens Super Nintendo World

The day has finally arrived and Super Nintendo World in Osaka Japan has finally opened to members of the public! Legendary Nintendo developer and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was at hand to open the cute theme park to those with tickets. Mr. Miyamoto was joined by USJ CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier to open up and invite the paying visitors into the attraction for the very first time. Here’s what he had to say:
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Super Nintendo World has finally opened its doors and Shigeru Miyamoto dropped by to celebrate

After several false starts, Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan has finally opened its doors to the public - just in time for Mario’s 35th anniversary. To commemorate the long-awaited day, Shigeru Miyamoto - or Mario’s dad, as he's also known - showed up alongside Universal Studios Japan CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier as part of an opening ceremony. Thanks to IGN Japan for catching some of the opening events on camera.

Shigeru Miyamoto officially opens Nintendo World: ‘After the pandemic, I hope the entire world will visit’

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World was finally officially opened on Thursday, at a ceremony featuring Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The grand opening was held this morning (March 18) in Osaka, where Miyamoto was joined by USJ CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier to appear in front of the cameras and lead the attraction’s first ‘official’ guests inside.

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Creativity, Curiosity and Game Design In A Recent Interview

Shigeru Miyamoto is one of most successful and iconic figures in the video game industry. The innovative designer has been a part of Nintendo since 1977 and in the past four decades he has helped create iconic games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. For much of his life, Miyamoto has been a integral part of Nintendo, working as a part of the company through both success and failure.
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Shigeru Miyamoto Gives Tour of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

If you’ve got the money and the opportunity to head over to Japan to check out the Universal Studios attraction, Super Nintendo World, looks like it could be a good bit of fun for those that are ready and willing to risk it. In essence though, just from a personal perspective, it does look more like an interactive museum than a fun park since the manner in which one can go about adding coins and stars to their power-up band feels as though it’s going to b a little hard to get used to, but really, maybe it’s not that difficult. It does look like it will be spendy, as the price of tickets to such attractions has gone steadily up over the years, but a lot of people would no doubt find it a bargain for getting to experience one of their favorite Nintendo games of all time. Of course, given that Nintendo has a lot of games to thank for its success one might think that they would keep the focus on Mario but branch out to other games as well since the company has stayed alive for so many years with more than just the infamous plumber. There have been numerous games that have kept Nintendo alive for so long, and integrating them into this world does feel as though it would be appropriate as well as smart.

Tour Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan with Shigeru Miyamoto

If you’re looking for something to watch this Christmas, few things are more magical than Shigeru Miyamoto touring the new Super Nintendo World theme park. We’ve been following news about the park’s progress for over a year now. Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan announced last month that the park is scheduled to open in February 2021.

PS5 : Shigeru Miyamoto admits that he is a difficult and “annoying” boss.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s interview with the American magazine The Newyorker continues to attract a lot of attention and reveal funny anecdotes about Nintendo’s flagship. If yesterday we told you that the children of the creator of Super Mario preferred Sega games when they were little, today another curiosity that arises from the interview is that Miyamoyo admits to being a “quite difficult” boss.

Take a 15-minute tour of Super Nintendo world with Shigeru Miyamoto

Ever wanted to step into a real-life Mario level? Super Nintendo World is now up and running in Osaka – take a virtual tour with Shigeru Miyamoto to learn what it’s all about. Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom. Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan will officially open Super Nintendo World on...

Shigeru Miyamoto Admits He Can Be A Picky Boss

Video games have been around for years and while there are countless video game IPs, there are a few that everyone is familiar with. Nintendo for instance is an iconic video game company that has brought out family-friendly hardware and software for decades. It’s provided gamers with some rather influential video game titles as well.