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Inspirational Quotes: Sherry Turkle, Michael J. Fox And Others

Inspirational quotes on heeding others' opinions, feeling thankful and being willing to adapt to change. We lose out when we don't take the time to listen to each other, especially to those who are not like us. We need to learn again to tolerate difference and disagreement. Sherry Turkle, author.
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How do we reemerge after a year of isolation and anxiety? MIT's Sherry Turkle has advice

The world's slowly opening up again, and a year-plus of the pandemic now feels like it's starting to fade away. But not entirely. Not yet. Not for many people. And in the meantime, my anxieties about reentering the world are very real and very powerful. I've also developed a deeper co-dependence on screens and tech than I've ever had before. A conversation with Sherry Turkle helped me realize I'm not alone, and that my sense of removal from the world could also be a strength.
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The Importance of Looking Back: A Q & A with Sherry Turkle

The MIT professor and tech critic on her new memoir, ‘The Empathy Diaries’. MIT professor and bestselling author Sherry Turkle is the kind of public intellectual who bursts onto the scene periodically with a big idea steeped in research and anchored in a new book. Like many, I first became...
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Sherry Turkle on AI and the Perils of Pretend Empathy

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically disrupting not only our daily lives but society itself. This show features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the deeper economic, political, and technological consequences of the pandemic. It’s our new daily podcast trying to make longterm sense out of the chaos of today’s global crisis.
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In a world of screens, Sherry Turkle wants to make eye contact

Sherry Turkle would prefer not to tweet. “My publisher said, ‘Look, you have to tweet, you have to force yourself, you have to learn how to do that!’ ” Her publisher being the one that just released The Empathy Diaries, a gripping, elegant memoir in which the psychologist and scholar and critic of technology finally puts herself under the microscope. The megaphone of social media is more complicated. “I’m really not very good at it, so I just keep saying things like ‘surreal that . . .!’ ‘Thrilled to see my exciting . . .’ I never say that. I feel like such a jerk. And then I started an Instagram account. And I said, ‘I can’t do this. . . . I mean, I barely can keep up with my email.’ And considering all the people we have to be, it was just one extra person that I couldn’t attend to right now.” Though, she admits, “Once the pandemic is over, I may change my mind.”
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Sherry Turkle: 'The pandemic has shown us that people need relationships'

Sherry Turkle, 72, is professor of the social studies of science and technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was one of the first academics to examine the impact of technology on human psychology and society. She has published a series of acclaimed books: her latest, The Empathy Diaries, is an enthralling memoir taking in her time growing up in Brooklyn, her thorny family background, studying in Paris and at Harvard, and her academic career.

Virtual FAN Event with Sherry Turkle on March 24

“The Empathy Diaries: An Evening with Sherry Turkle, Ph.D.,” a conversation between Sherry Turkle, Ph.D. and Rabbi Wendi Geffen, will be held on Wednesday, March 24, beginning at 7:00pm via Zoom. The event is free and open to the public, suitable for ages 12 and up. Registration is required. Since...

Sherry Turkle On The Burden Of Family Secrets

MIT professor and social scientist Sherry Turkle was 27 when she learned that her estranged father had conducted psychological experiments on her when she was a child. She looks back on her childhood in a new memoir, 'The Empathy Diaries.'. Also, Maureen Corrigan reviews 'Reality and Other Stories,' John Lanchester's...