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Sen. Sherrod Brown Touts Investment In Infrastructure and Manufacturing

Sen. Sherrod Brown says he’s hoping for a bipartisan deal to push through the latest federal infrastructure proposal – but he’s concerned about how to pay for it. The Democrat says he’s encouraged by anything which has bipartisan support, such as the $1.2 trillion bill to improve roads and bridges. He believes the way to pay for it is by increasing taxes on the wealthy.
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Letter: Sherrod Brown works for workers

A recent letter to The Lima News criticized Senator Sherrod Brown for not supporting Ohio’s workers and unions. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Sherrod Brown is loved and respected precisely because he always puts regular Ohioans first. He has dedicated his life to championing their interests against big money, lobbyists, and anyone else who stands in their way. He understands the dignity of work.
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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown talks about what is needed to fix the economy

As the nation’s economy fights to get back on track Ohio’s unemployment rates seem to be better than nationwide. Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services' latest unemployment numbers show Ohio is at 4.7% compared to 6.1% nationally. That 4.7% has not moved from March to April with many employers looking for employees. United States Senator Sherrod Brown says some people are hesitant to go back into the workforce since the pandemic and several things need to be done to fix the economy including better childcare, housing, and wages.
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Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan asks Sen. Sherrod Brown’s committee for federal housing and infrastructure aid

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan on Wednesday brought his case for enhanced infrastructure spending to Washington, asking a committee chaired by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, for federal programs to encourage private real estate development “so that we can keep existing residents in their homes, attract new residents to our city, and create markets for retail and other small businesses that can serve and employ our residents.”

Sherrod Brown: We must protect Ohio's kids from lead poisoning

Decades after we learned of the dangers of lead exposure, too many children in Ohio continue to be poisoned by the homes they live in and the water they drink. In 2018, more than 3,800 Ohio kids tested positive for lead levels. And we know the real number of children exposed is likely much higher – many children who are at-risk of lead poisoning never get tested. Sadly, many Ohio families learn only that their children have been exposed to toxic levels of lead after they begin to experience symptoms.
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Letter: Sherrod Brown is Pinocchio

When Ohio’s Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown was in Lima, he was asked about President Biden’s proposed $400 million cut in funding to the tank plant. Brown’s answer was to try to discredit President Trump, saying Trump had tried to put the plant out of business and “we (the Democrats) fought back.” Coming from a member of the party that put thousands of union members out of work by stopping the Keystone Pipe Line, that took a lot of guts.