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How The Shining Changed Shelley Duvall Forever

In a now-infamous video shot by a 19-year-old Vivian Kubrick, her father Stanley calls action for Shelley Duvall before a scene in "The Shining." Perhaps it was because Kubrick was outside and Duvall was behind a large door to the set of The Overlook Hotel, or perhaps the sound of Kubrick calling for action was muffled by the snow machine blasting at the set, but Duvall misses her cue. Kubrick calls "cut," and then meets Duvall at the door not to figure out why the cue was missed, but instead to ream her out, telling her "you're wasting everyone's time." Following this clip, Vivian Kubrick's making-of documentary shows Duvall saying that she doesn't think her performance would have been as good if Kubrick hadn't gotten a rise out of her, but notes that Kubrick knowingly treated her this way in order to get the performance. She looks calm. She smiles.
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Rushes: Searching For Shelley Duvall, Scorsese on Fellini, New Trailers

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Where Did Shelley Duvall Go?

For years, the world has questioned why Shelley Duvall quit acting and left Hollywood behind in the early 2000s, after starring in big films such as The Shining, Annie Hall and Popeye. Nearly thirty years ago, the once in-demand movie star fled sunny Studio City, California and moved to Texas,...

The Reclusive Shelley Duvall Gave A Rare Interview And In Doing So Shed Light On The Depths Of Dr. Phil’s Awfulness

Shelley Duvall hasn’t been in a movie or a TV show for nearly 20 years, but the last time you may have seen her may have been pretty worrying. In 2016, the acclaimed actress appeared on a widely condemned 2016 segment of Dr. Phil, in which she appeared to be unhinged and unwell. It was generally seen that her condition had been exploited by the show’s producers. But some five years later, Hollywood Reporter journalist Seth Abramovitch tracked her down in a small Texas town, revealing that she’s doing much better than originally reported.

Shelley Duvall Recalls Troubling ‘Dr. Phil’ Interview, Finding Out Who He Was ‘the Hard Way’

A great gift for many film fans earlier this week was a wide-ranging profile of reclusive former actress Shelley Duvall in The Hollywood Reporter, which is the first we’ve heard publicly from her since her disturbing 2016 “Dr. Phil” interview. In the segment, the show painted Duvall as someone visibly battling distressing mental illness and paranoid fantasies. In many ways, the THR piece offers redemption for Duvall, who lives in Texas with her partner Dan Gilroy, and prefers to stay outside the limelight.

Shelley Duvall breaks down in tears while re-watching iconic ‘The Shining’ scene

The Shining star Shelley Duvall re-watched an iconic scene from the 1980 film for the first time in years in a rare new interview, breaking down in tears in the process. Duvall played Wendy Torrance in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, who heads to the Overlook hotel with her son Danny and increasingly disturbed husband Jack (played by Jack Nicholson).

Shelley Duvall Resurfaces for First Time in Years to Discuss Trauma of Making 'The Shining'

Actress Shelley Duvall recently resurfaced for the first time in many years to discuss the trauma she suffered during the making of The Shining. The reclusive and very private former star sat down with THR to speak about her career, and the conversation quickly leaned toward the filming of the classic Stanley Kubrick horror movie that Duvall starred in with Jack Nicholson. Duvall said the shoot was, among many other things, extremely "difficult."