Searching for Sheela

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. While the subject is fascinating, Searching for Sheela is a problematic film, likely to give a bad name to journalism as it ignores every journalistic standard for even-handedness. Sheela would be a rich subject for a filmmaker willing to showcase and admire her charisma and intelligence as long as it also questioned her false and self serving pronouncements. Director Batra owes the audience more than Sheela's aggressive self defense, especially in the face of some irrefutable facts. Clips from decades past document Sheela as a combative, aggressive defender of the cult and her actions. She packs a pistol. She gives the finger. In a threatening tone, she promises to defend herself mightily if attacked. Batra never counters Sheela's false claims that she did not plead guilty, leaving viewers with a rosy picture of a woman wronged. Sheela proudly confesses she has not and never will seek "redemption" because she lacks the sense of guilt and shame necessary to motivate such a quest. "I have nothing to redeem myself from," she insists.
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OTT Releases of The Week: Shakun Batra’s Searching for Sheela on Netflix, Ekta Kapoor’s His Storyy and Parth Samthaan’s Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu on ZEE5, ALTBalaji and More

Coronavirus cases are rising all over the world and several states have already declared lockdown. It is more advisable to stay at home and if you are wondering how to pass time being at home, here’s the solution for you. In the fourth week of April 2021, there are many interesting series and movies releasing on OTT platforms like ALTBalaji, Netflix, ZEE5 and HBO Max. Talking about the biggest release of the week, it would be Searching for Sheela, which is all set to premiere on Netflix on April 22. Produced by Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Somen Mishra, directed by Shakun Batra. The docu-film explores Ma Anand Sheela or Sheela Birnstiel’s journey, returning to India after 34 years and sheds light on her life over the last four decades. Searching For Sheela Trailer: Netflix’s Documentary on Ma Anand Sheela Looks Like a Perfect Sequel to Wild Wild Country.
Picture for OTT Releases of The Week: Shakun Batra’s Searching for Sheela on Netflix, Ekta Kapoor’s His Storyy and Parth Samthaan’s Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu on ZEE5, ALTBalaji and More

What's on Netflix This Week: Arlo the Alligator Boy, Searching for Sheela

This week, the Netflix release lineup ranges from madcap animated musicals to true crime docs, with a few notable things in between. It all kicks off with Arlo the Alligator Boy, which, yes, is a cartoon about a gator child targeted toward the younger crowd, but it can and should be enjoyed by all ages.
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​Netflix Drops The Trailer Of Searching For Sheela

Media giant Netflix drops the first official trailer of docu-drama “Searching For Sheela” based on the controversial Ma Anand Sheela, a close aide to Osho. The documentary is based on Ma Anand Sheela, the Indian-born American–Swiss spokeswoman and personal secretary of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh from 1981 through 1985; she managed the Rajneeshpuram ashram in the United States and pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault for her role in the 1984 Rajneeshee bio-ter......
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‘Being Sheela’: Life and times of a powerhouse attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist

Book review: Adithi Rao’s book ‘Being Sheela’, chronicles the life of Indian American trailblazer Sheela Murthy. Being Sheela quickly corrals the reader into caring and rooting for the accomplished attorney who is foremost “instinctively and unselfconsciously kind to others.” Author Adithi Rao injects us with very little preamble straight into the heart of the action, adroitly blending real case studies with significant moments from Sheela Murthy’s life to reveal her values and her motivations.

From the Bookshelf: Being Sheela, by Adithi Rao

Being Sheela: The Life Journey of an Immigration Lawyer (Harper Collins 2020) "A young mother separated from her children for eight long years; a man facing deportation after being mistaken for a terrorist; a woman forced to endure domestic violence so that she can retain her right to remain in her adopted country… These are just a few among the thousands of people whom Sheela Murthy - lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist - has helped to overcome injustice, dispossession and legal tangles, so they may live a life of dignity in an increasingly challenging world. With insightful detours into her eventful growing-up years, the book follows her journey from India to America, through law school at Harvard to the inception of what went on to become one of the most successful immigration law firms in the world-the Murthy Law Firm. The book takes a close look at a few out of the countless cases that Sheela and her dynamic legal team have handled over twenty-five years in the face of rapidly changing American attitudes towards immigrants. Being Sheela is about the human side of a successful professional, an immigrant and woman of color, who has made it her purpose to strive for a better world."