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Shane Dawson and Fiancé Ryland Adams Are Having a Baby, but When Is It Due?

YouTuber Shane Dawson and his fiancé are moving into parenthood. In a YouTube video posted on March 27, the couple announced that they had selected an egg donor as part of the process of becoming fathers. The two live together in Parker, Colorado, and have spoken in the past about their journey toward fatherhood. Now, many want to know when their baby is actually due?
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YouTube Star Shane Dawson Makes Controversial Return to Platform After Past Scandal

YouTube star Shane Dawson has returned to the YouTube community following his year-long hiatus due to a controversial black face scandal. Dawson announced his return in a new video that will be part of a series he's launching with his partner, Ryland Adams, called The Haunting of Shane Dawson. The new series will focus on the two as they embark on various ghost hunting adventures in their new Colorado home.

The Fall of Shane Dawson Has Made People Question His Content

When Shane Dawson would post a new “conspiracy theory” video on his YouTube channel, all of his followers would rejoice. What secret plot would the now-fallen content creator reveal next? The online world shivered with anticipation. These days, those positive feelings toward Dawson and his work have made a complete...

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson spark backlash over first collab since drama

YouTubers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have been subject to a fair amount of backlash over the last year, forcing Dawson to temporarily leave the internet. Star has just announced their first collab together since it all went down, and it’s sparked a fair bit of criticism from netizens. Continuously...

Shane Dawson completely panics after getting locked out as tornado hits

YouTuber Shane Dawson accidentally locked himself out of his house after receiving a tornado warning to get to his basement. Dawson’s fiance Ryland Adams was out at the time, leaving Dawson in a panicked state. Adam’s video was posted on his vlog account and mainly covers their recent move to...