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Schapiro: History-making Speaker’s Shakespearean fall from power

That thought must have crossed Eileen Filler-Corn’s mind when Scott, a junior legislator and tormentor of Gov. Glenn Youngkin she rewarded with a prized committee assignment and a slot in the Democratic leadership, emerged as the face and voice of the revolt in which she was dumped by a slender vote as party boss in the House of Delegates.
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Romantic Comedies Inspired by Shakespearean Works: ’10 Things I Hate About You,’ ‘She’s the Man,’ More

All the world’s a stage — and the perfect inspiration for a romantic comedy plot line! Many beloved romance-focused movies have taken inspiration from the Bard himself: William Shakespeare. 10 Things I Hate About You, the 1999 cult classic that starred the likes of Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, was initially inspired by Shakespeare’s The Taming […]
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Sad! Is Donald Trump just too boring for a grand Shakespearean makeover?

If you want to satirise a power figure or a political movement, you automatically reach for Shakespeare. Theatrical history is littered with examples. In 1937, Orson Welles staged a modern-dress Julius Caesar that evoked the worlds of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. In 1941, Bertolt Brecht used Richard III as a template for his anti-Hitlerian The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. In 1966, Barbara Garson’s MacBird! daringly suggested that Lyndon Johnson was a modern Macbeth implicated in the death of JFK. So it is hardly surprising that writers and directors turn to the Bard in depicting Donald Trump.

Theatre MSU hosts world traveler, Shakespearean clown as actor-in-residence

STARKVILLE, Miss.—Mississippi State’s Theatre MSU is hosting former student and Shakespearean and commedia clown actor Jarrod Bates on campus April 18-22 for a week of performances, acting lessons and lectures as actor-in-residence. Bates will present a hybrid lecture/comedy show—“Shaking Up Shakespeare: a comedic, radically irreverent resuscitation of the...
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Review: 'Macbeth' brings classic Shakespearean tale to life

There are times when you walk into a nearly-empty theatre, 20 minutes before the theatre fills, and actors take the stage, and you are eager with quiet anticipation for what you are about to see. You know the direction will be spot-on, you know the perfect actors were cast in...
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S.B. Symphony starts season with Shakespearean saga

The San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra will begin its 93rd performance season with a presentation entitled “Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story” on Saturday, March 12. The concert considers Shakespeare’s iconic tale of tragic love through some unique artistic perspectives. “I’m excited that the San Bernardino Symphony...

‘Fallout 76’ players hosted a live reading of Shakespearean sonnets

A group of Fallout 76 players held a Shakespearean sonnet festival live on Twitch, pulling from a variety of the playwright’s works. Over the weekend, Fallout 76 content creation group hosted a sonnet festival involving the works of William Shakespeare. The festival featured readings of 14 of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, some readings being performed live from the PS4 version of the game, others having been recorded in advance on Xbox and PC. The pre-recorded performances were handed out as holotapes for the audience to play on their pipboys.
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UNCSA presents a contemporary take on a Shakespearean classic

Ambition. Betrayal. Corruption. Retribution. An empire in turmoil. No, these aren’t today’s headlines, but they could be. The timing, therefore, is fortuitous for the University of North Carolina (UNSCA) School of Drama’s upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s still-relevant, still-timely political saga Coriolanus, which opens Feb. 17 in the Patrons Theatre of Alex Ewing Performance Place, located on the UNCSA campus, 1533 S. Main St., Winston-Salem.