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LTE: Sean Whalen on mothers and gratitude

On Mother’’s Day we looked at pictures of all the mothers we know in our family. The oldest picture, one of those glass plates taken in 1882, was of Jennie Sweeting, my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother. The girls noted that people in those days didn’t grin at the camera – Jennie’s features are lovely, and the corners of her mouth are way down. You wonder, what’s she thinking about?

The Lion: Sean Whalen Is Empowering Thousands to Take Accountability for Their Lives

Going through life-changing moments can leave the deepest memories or scars on people, depending on whether the experience was good or bad. Similarly, Sean Whalen had to go through incredibly difficult times, so difficult that it pushed him to the point of considering suicide. Today, Sean has turned a corner, created an empowering life, and is a serial entrepreneur. From tough to the best, Sean was able to do it, and now he helps others cross the same bridge he once had to.
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LTE: Sean Whalen, MLK Day

Yesterday my son asked if we could add Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to the short list of holidays that we start with a cup of hot chocolate. Up to now, it’s been Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and the kids’ birthdays. What my son really...
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Sean Whalen speaks on his coaching program “Lion’s Den”

The year is 2018, and thousand of elite business professionals have gathered for a seminar in Dallas, Texas known as the Million Dollar Mastermind. A man named Sean Whalen was one of roughly a dozen speakers, but his time on stage will stay with the crowd forever. There was something different about the way he delivered his words. He meant what he said, and he casted an aura of confidence and courage over the audience. Many people were even in tears after he shared his story of struggling with depression and almost committing suicide in his 20s. I wondered, how could someone so successful, with hundreds of thousands of followers, and multiple thriving companies ever consider ending their life? This guy had it all – a gorgeous and successful wife, a beautiful family, huge home, fast cars, thriving businesses, his health and handsomeness in tact, and millions of dollars in the bank.