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Federal Judge Won’t Force Joe Biden to Keep Sean Spicer on Naval Academy Advisory Board, Citing ‘Serious Constitutional Concerns’

Former President Donald Trump’s ex-press secretary Sean Spicer, known for “alternative fact“-filled briefings and flamboyant, neon costume on “Dancing with the Stars,” cannot force President Joe Biden to keep him on a military advisory board, a federal judge ruled. A contentious figure in the Trump...
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Sean Spicer loses lawsuit challenging Naval Academy Board removal

Former Trump administration officials Sean Spicer and Russ Vought have had their lawsuit challenging their removal from the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors dismissed by a federal judge in Washington, D.C. Why it matters: The suit argued that President Biden had "no statutory authority" to dismiss them from the...

Watch: Sean Spicer listens uncomfortably as Trump goes on bizarre rant

Newsmax host Sean Spicer asked former President Donald Trump about former Mike Pence's decision to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election -- and was promptly given an earful about slain MAGA rioter Ashli Babbitt. During a telephone interview, Trump attacked Pence for not following his plan to refuse...

Sean Spicer can't force way back onto naval board, judge rules

A federal judge blocked former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and ex-Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought from returning to the board of the U.S. Naval Academy while they sue President Joe Biden over their ouster from the panel. U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich in Washington denied...

Sean Spicer refuses to admit Biden won election as he casts doubt on vote

Sean Spicer has been accused of being afraid of his former boss Donald Trump after he refused to admit he had lost the 2020 election.Appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, Mr Spicer was repeatedly asked why he couldn’t say Joe Biden had been the rightful victor.“Did Trump win or lose the election?” Bill Maher asked.“I don’t know,” Mr Spicer replied.“Well there you go, because the world does,” Mr Maher said.“Trump lost this election and you won’t say it.“You’re either part of the Big Lie, or you’re part of the conspiracy. You’re afraid of Trump.”Mr Spicer, a...

‘You’re Afraid Of Trump’: Bill Maher Calls Out Sean Spicer After He Repeatedly Refuses To Say Joe Biden Won The Election

It’s been almost a year since Donald Trump lost re-election, and yet a large number of Republicans still refuse to admit it publicly. One of them is Sean Spicer. The former president’s first press secretary went on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday to promote his book, Radical Nation: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris’ Dangerous Plan for America, hoping for a spirited debate. Instead he got called out for being just another member of the GOP who won’t say their former leader is a loser.

Sean Spicer, Russ Vought sue Biden administration over threatened Naval Board removal

(CNN) — Sean Spicer and Russ Vought have sued the Biden administration over their threatened removal from the Naval Academy Board of Visitors. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in the US District Court in DC, alleges that the pair is being unlawfully threatened with removal from the board to which President Donald Trump had appointed them in the latter half of his presidency. Both were appointed to three-year terms.

Sean Spicer Has Made Good On His Promise To Sue The Biden Administration From Firing Him From A Job He Had No Right Having In The First Place

Earlier this month, former Dancing With the Stars contestant—and, oh yeah, once-upon-a-time press secretary for Donald Trump—spent some time whining about how the mean ol’ Joe Biden administration was planning to strip him of his position on the board of the Naval Academy. It’s a prestigious role, and one handed over to him in early 2019 by the former president, probably as a bonus for keeping to his inauguration crowd size lie for all those years.