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New Exhibit Showcasing Irish American Artist Sean Scully Opens Monday At Philadelphia Museum Of Art

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is a new exhibit coming to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Eyewitness News got a sneak peek on Friday of “Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas.” It’s a survey of the work of the Irish American artist. Scully is described as a key figure in contemporary abstract painting and has been creating pieces for more than five decades. “This retrospective tells a story and it shows a typed geometry that moves gradually through decades to a more expressive, emotional, looser kind of painting,” Scully said. “For those who don’t know Sean Scully’s work, I am confident this will come as a revelation to them,” Timothy Rub, director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, said. “He’s one of the great figures, in my view, in the history of contemporary painting.” The exhibit opens to the public on Monday and runs through early July.
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Meet our new City Manager, Sean Scully

It’s a new day for Lincoln. Sean Scully, Lincoln’s new city manager, began his tenure with us on Jan. 31. Managerial turnover has been the Achilles Heel for our city for years. Virtually every department head has turned over in the recent past and for the most important position – the city manager – we’ve had four full-time and three interim city managers since 2000. Yes, the average tenure for city managers in California is four years (mirroring our experience) but in a complex, rapidly growing jurisdiction, this high-level turnover is particularly problematic.

Sean Scully Lincoln City Manager

Lincoln’s new City Manager Sean Scully completed his first week on the job and described it as “exhilarating” and a “whirlwind.”. “My job is to get up to speed as quickly as possible,” said Scully. The city manager is responsible for carrying out city policies...

Late Late Modern: Sean Scully in Fort Worth

Sean Scully’s consistent and restless investigations into painting’s formal and expressive possibilities are evident in the current survey of his work Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The big, bulky, striped canvases we know of his from the Modern’s own collection are given some backstory here, starting with Scully’s early attempts to generate space by weaving grids of colored bands, and ticking through five decades of paintings, pastels, prints, drawings and paint sketches.

One Work, Short Take: Sean Scully in Fort Worth

Some artists simply don’t register with us until the timing is right; until we are snapped open by time, experience, or a newfound willingness to look again and see what might be present and worth our consideration. As an artist who writes about other artists, I know it’s always worthwhile to ferret out the impulses and intentions of another maker — to try and understand and evaluate (as best I can) the value produced by what’s inherent in the objects. To be frank, I still feel mixed about the sometimes-ponderous paintings of Sean Scully. Yet in seeing the larger history of his paintings, I now see his art with fresh eyes.

Irish-American Artist Sean Scully on His New Seminal Exhibit at the Modern in Fort Worth

"Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas" is now on view at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. (Courtesy of the artist) Irish American artist Sean Scully recently turned 76 but shows no sign of slowing down. His work can be found in the collections of every major art museum around the globe. In June, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth opened the exhibition “Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas,” which encapsulates each era of the Dublin-born artist’s ever-evolving oeuvre.

Collisional Abstraction: Sean Scully at The Modern

The story of abstraction can’t be fully told without Sean Scully, according to the Irish-American painter who also sees himself as a renegade in the abstract movement. He’s not, like some of his most famous peers, just in dialogue with other artists but wants to create a direct, emotional connection with the viewer. He also wants to be more than an artist for one generation but one with a lasting impact.

Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas June 20 – October 10 at the Modern

Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas, organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, features the artist’s most significant works and examines his contribution to the development of abstraction over a span of nearly five decades. The exhibition highlights the close relationship between the artist’s paintings, drawings, prints, and pastels, which are rarely shown together. The Shape of Ideas presents 49 paintings and 42 works on paper that reflect the many phases of a long and varied approach to artmaking.