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Sean Hannity Confused Chris Rock And Kid Rock, And People Have Jokes, Memes, And Questions

Ah, the art of the deflection. Sean Hannity’s one of the best at them, given that he’s prone to dropping a high-speed car chase at strategic moments. And one could argue that Biden’s assassination of the top Al Qaeda leader was (at least as far as timing goes) a deflection in and of itself because the U.S. could use some good news. Yet the point remains that Sean Hannity wasn’t too distracted by the move, or at least, deflection mode was very much a thing as he chatted with Tucker Carlson for handoff time.
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Sean Hannity, Kayleigh McEnany, and Lara Trump Use Biden’s Bike Fall As A Chance To Justify Trump’s 2020 Ramp Stumble At West Point: ‘He Was Wearing Dress Shoes!’

On June 13, 2020, Donald Trump gave a speech to the graduating cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. When it was over, he walk down a ramp—very poorly—and ignited a string of jokes and memes, as well as some discussion over the physical wellness of the then-president.

Sean Hannity blasts Democratic silence on leftist lawlessness

Sean Hannity chided House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden for their apparent condoning of leftist criminality Thursday on "Hannity." HANNITY: Hey, Nancy, is it hard to condemn the rhetoric? Is it hard to condemn the harassment, the intimidation? Not really. And by the way, we still haven't heard a single word from Joe Biden about the attempted assassination of a sitting Supreme Court justice. Now, keep in mind, these are the same Democrats [who] were silent about the 574 riots in the summer of 2020. They were either quiet or the same ones [who] were out there saying, "Oh, no, they're mostly peaceful." They're only obsessing over one riot that we saw on [Jan.] 6. The same ones - they refused to ask why the president authorized the National Guard to be deployed up to 20,000 troops. And Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, sergeant of arms - and by the way, the Capitol police chief - they never were given an answer, although Muriel Bowser put it in writing. By the way, even when they were warned that things would get out of hand, they did nothing.

Furious conservatives turn on Sean Hannity as Jan 6 texts see him promoting pardon for Hunter Biden

Fox News’s Sean Hannity is facing severe backlash from conservative commentators for reportedly asking former president Donald Trump to consider a pardon for Hunter Biden to control the fallout from the Capitol insurrection.Last Thursday, the House select committee investigation the Capitol riot released text messages between Hannity and former White House House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany who told him Mr Trump was “intrigued by the pardon idea!! (Hunter)”.“Hunter” was a reference to president Joe Biden’s son, reported the Daily Beast, citing sources.Mr Biden’s son has been at the crosshairs of Republicans because of business dealings with Ukraine. An attempt...

Sean Hannity Watched The Jan. 6 Hearing And Concluded (With A Straight Face) That ‘The One Person That Looks Good Is Donald Trump’

Sean Hannity predictably came to the aid of Donald Trump in the wake of Thursday night’s January 6 committee hearing. Despite damning testimony from the former president’s inner circle, including his daughter Ivanka who flat-out rejected her father’s election fraud claims, Hannity argued on Fox News that, actually, Trump came off looking great.

Sean Hannity wildly claims Jan 6 hearing makes Trump ‘look good’ as his own texts cited in evidence

Sean Hannity had a surprising analysis of Thursday’s primetime hearing hosted by the select committee investigating January 6 after it ended.The longtime ally of Donald Trump declared during his show that the former president came out of the event, which showcased never-before-seen gripping footage of rioters viciously assaulting members of law enforcement and bashing through windows, looking “good”. That’s despite lawmakers on the panel stating clearly that the ex-president had done nothing during the attack to deploy law enforcement backup to the Hill."This is now about a security failure of incredible magnitude and they don't even seem to want...

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden is a whiner-in-chief

Fox News host Sean Hannity called out President Biden’s "lies" Thursday on "Hannity," saying he "promised to take responsibility for his actions" and didn't follow through. SEAN HANNITY: Joe once promised to bring, yes, the country together and unify the country. That was a lie. He promised to take responsibility for his actions, not blame others. That, too, was a big lie.

Sean Hannity: The circus is finally over, but there were no real winners in the Depp-Heard trial

Fox News host Sean Hannity reacted to Johnny Depp being awarded $15 million in his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on "Hannity." SEAN HANNITY: The circus is finally over, at least for now. A Northern Virginia jury has awarded Johnny Depp $15 million in his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Now, the same jury then awarded Heard $2 million in her counter-suit against Johnny Depp. In other words, Depp netted $13 million, cleared his name of the "Me Too" accusations leveled by Heard in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed.