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Scott Speedman says drinking water is the key to his youthful looks

It’s quite literally a fountain of youth. “Felicity” alum Scott Speedman joked that his never-aging good looks is thanks to the “Tom Brady diet” of drinking copious amounts of water. When Page Six half-seriously asked the “Grey’s Anatomy” actor if he has an oil portrait of himself rotting away in the attic à la “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” he revealed that he simply drinks a ton of water. “I’m on the Tom Brady diet, a lot of water,” the 46-year-old told us at the New York premiere of “Crimes of the Future” on Thursday night, before insisting that he had aged....
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Crimes Of The Future's Scott Speedman On Oblique Conspiracies And Activating His Character [Interview]

In David Cronenberg's "Crimes of the Future," Scott Speedman ("You," "Grey's Anatomy") plays a man named Lang Dotrice, a calculating and mysterious character who spends the bulk of the film attempting to initiate contact with a pair of high-profile performance artists in order to donate raw materials to their act. "Crimes" takes place in a near future wherein humanity has carefully ridden themselves of physical pain, leading to a widespread popularity in "aesthetic surgery," performed live for entertainment's sake. Extracting exotic, new internal organs — an equally mysterious and widespread medical phenomenon — is the height of the art world, and Lang Dotrice just may have access to ... many new organs. Housed in the body of his dead son.
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Exclusive: “Surgery is the answer!” David Cronenberg, Viggo Mortensen, Scott Speedman, and Léa Seydoux talk ‘Crimes of the Future’

It’s been eight agonizing years since the body horror maestro, David Cronenberg (The Fly, A History of Violence), last released a movie. And for his newest, in theaters now, he went back to a script that he’d written in the 1980s. While Crimes of the Future shares the title of his 1970 student film, it is entirely its own world with only the title remaining. Set in a world where humans have become desensitized to pain, the ramifications of this are explored by a performance art duo (Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux) who use a pod designed for autopsies to perform live organ retrievals. Mortensen’s cloaked artist is able to “will” new organs into existence, and he has them catalogued by his biggest fan (Kristen Stewart). But he is beginning to doubt the value in this performance as it is. The world of art vs. artifice is blurring – particularly when an “Inner Beauty Contest” for Best Organ is further popularizing their artform. When he receives a hint that a young boy (Scott Speedman’s son) had developed a new digestive tract to consume plastic, the film moves from body horror into film noir as he attempts to reveal the links and allegiances between underground manufacturers, organized crime, body performers and the police.

Interview: Scott Speedman Discusses Working with David Cronenberg and More for CRIMES OF THE FUTURE

If you know anything about me, you should know that I’m a huge fan of all things David Cronenberg (I’ve written about his work several times here over the years), but I’m also an unapologetic nerd for the Underworld series and I also include The Strangers amongst my very favorite horror movies of the last 20 years, too. That’s why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with Scott Speedman this week in support of the release of Cronenberg’s latest, Crimes of the Future, which arrives in theaters today courtesy of NEON.

Back to One, Episode 181: Scott Speedman

Looking back at Scott Speedman’s work in the early days of Felicity is a bit surprising. His acting had a wonderfully nuanced authenticity even then. Two decades later, that natural artistry has grown into a charismatic intensity and assuredness. It’s on display this year in the third season of You, the eighteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy, and the charming indie film Best Sellers. When we spoke he had just wrapped films with David Cronenberg and Lena Dunham. He talks about working with those two very different directors, the secret to good onscreen chemistry, how fatherhood might deepen his work, and much more.
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Scott Speedman on ‘You’ Season 3, His ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Surprise Return and Working with David Cronenberg

[The following interview contains spoilers for You season three.] Scott Speedman is no stranger to hit television shows, and his role on You season three now joins the ranks of Felicity, Grey’s Anatomy and Animal Kingdom. The psychological thriller has been dominating Netflix’s top 10 charts since the third season premiered a few weeks ago, and the latest season also tallied its highest Rotten Tomatoes score to date at 94 percent. So Speedman is now reflecting on season three as a whole and how his surveillance tech entrepreneur character, Matthew Engler, is one of the few characters to actually survive serial...

Scott Speedman and Lindsay Rae Hofmann Welcome a Baby Girl

The You actor, 46, and girlfriend Lindsay Rae Hofmann welcomed their first child, daughter Pfeiffer Lucia, during a home birth last week on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Speedman announced their new addition Thursday on Instagram, posting a sweet photo of himself cuddled up next to his sleeping baby girl. "Pfeiffer Lucia...

Scott Speedman and Lindsay Rae Hofmann Welcome First Child Together

Congratulations are in order for Scott Speedman and Lindsay Rae Hofmann. The couple welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Pfeiffer Lucia. The proud parents shared the exciting news on their social media on Thursday. The You actor posted a photo of himself with his new bundle of joy, revealing she was born Oct. 26.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Scott Speedman Welcomes Adorable Baby Girl — See First Photos

Scott Speedman has welcomed a daughter, Pfeiffer Lucia, with girlfriend Lindsay Rae Hofmann! See the sweet photos. Scott Speedman is a dad! The star of Grey’s Anatomy, 46, announced the arrival of his daughter with girlfriend Lindsay Rae Hofmann on Instagram on Thursday, Nov. 4, about a week after she was born. The actor’s daughter, named Pfeiffer Lucia Speedman, was born at home on October 26, his Instagram caption revealed.
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It's a girl! Scott Speedman is a dad for the first time

Scott Speedman has become a father for the first time. The 'You' actor and his girlfriend Lindsay Rae Hofmann have welcomed their first child - daughter Pfeiffer Lucia - into the world in a home birth on October 26. He revealed the news on Thursday (11.04.21) with a sweet photo...