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Scott Servais optimistic Julio Rodríguez will be back in lineup Tuesday

SEATTLE - Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais said Monday that he is optimistic that Julio Rodríguez will be back in the lineup for Tuesday’s game against the Texas Rangers. "Julio is doing better," Servais said. "Definitely moving in the right direction. Very, very optimistic that we could see...
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Firing Scott Servais would be bad process and a worse idea

After the Mariners’ spirit-crushing loss to the Angels over the weekend (Deadgar Weekend Redux, anyone?), certain rumbles that have gotten louder and louder grew to a fever pitch, with Mariners fans flocking to Twitter to demand the firing of Scott Servais—so much so that “Servais” was trending on Twitter an hour or so after gametime, probably for the first time ever. While I’ve long learned to disregard the bloodthirsty rumblings of the dissatisfied horde after a Mariners loss, it seemed to pick up on a common thread we’ve heard from the beat writers this weekend, both regarding actual moves that have to be made (the demoting/DFA’ing of someone from the bullpen, for example, to fit MLB’s new 13-pitcher limit) and vague suggestions of big changes coming, with many pointing the finger either overtly or implicitly at a managerial change. After all, that’s what struggling teams do, right? Just this season, the Angels did it with Joe Maddon, and the Phillies with Joe Girardi.
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Mariners' Scott Servais ejected after benches clear in Houston

Tempers were hot in Houston Monday night, as Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais was ejected in the ninth inning after both benches cleared. In the top of the ninth with Seattle leading 5-4, Houston reliever Héctor Neris hit Mariners first baseman Ty France in the back. Servais could be seen chirping with the Astros dugout before being one of the first Mariners out of the dugout and rushing toward home plate.
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Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/29/22: Scott Servais, Kevin Pillar, and Olympia High School Baseball

Good morning, Mariners fans! Let’s start off today’s MMT with a fun poll:. Read what Eric had to say about last night’s win in his recap, here. Daniel Kramer at writes about Mariners skipper Scott Servais calling for change in wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Ryan Divish at the Seattle Times covered this story, as well.

Seattle Mariners: Scott Servais Part of the Solution….right?

The Seattle Mariners are on another four game losing streak. A couple of the losses look like the manager is to blame. So, is Scott Servais still part of the solution? Or is he part of the problem?. I have long been a defender of Seattle Mariners coach Scott Servais....

Seattle Mariners: Scott Servais has nerves of steel

Seattle Mariners’ skipper, Scott Servais, has nerves of steel. He’s unafraid of rolling the dice and betting on the more likely positive outcome. The Seattle Mariners skipper, Scott Servais, is a gambler. Quite possibly a fan of Foreigner and their hit song, “Cold as Ice.” Here are the opening lyrics for those who aren’t familiar with this classic Foreigner song.