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SCOTT GALLOWAY: College has soared in price with few changes to justify the cost — and the pandemic is finally challenging America's obsession with it

Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is a recent blog post, republished with permission, that originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." In it, Galloway says the elite educational institutes are still profiting while second-teir schools struggle. See...

Committed to Fighting Online Toxicity, Scott Galloway Invests In Commenting Platform OpenWeb

With a seven-figure investment, Galloway joins board and reaffirms value of community engagement in the media landscape. OpenWeb, the premium commenting and engagement platform, today announced Scott Galloway has made a significant investment in the Company and will be joining the firm’s board of directors. Galloway joins other notable investors, board members, and advisors including Deb Roy, Director of MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication, and Jeff Horing, Co-Founder of Insight Partners.

Professor Scott Galloway just raised $30 million for an online school that upskills managers fast

The company is premised on the belief that millions of workers need help to stay competitive and employable, yet not all have access to, or interest in, costly graduate school programs. In fact, Section4 thinks more affordable “sprints” — or two- to three-long week courses taught by prominent professors from top schools that can also be mind expanding — is the way to go.
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Scott Galloway on AL Amazon warehouse union effort: ‘It's a big deal’

Right now, it’s just one warehouse in Alabama, but it could lead to a domino effect. NYU Professor and co-host of the “Pivot” podcast, Scott Galloway and Eli Rosenberg who covers work and labor for the Washington Post, join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how a vote to unionize Amazon employees could impact thousands of workers across the country.