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Juan Soto's agent Scott Boras shuts down trade talk

So much for the Juan Soto trade talk. A reporter wrote during the week that some teams believe the Washington Nationals will consider trading Soto this offseason. But the Nats aren’t buying that nonsense. A Nats person told New York Post MLB reporter Jon Heyman “that’s not funny” regarding...
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Red Sox: Scott Boras stomps out any hope of in-season Xander Bogaerts extension

The Boston Red Sox will have to wait until after the season to hold contract extension talks with star shortstop Xander Bogaerts. Bogaerts is requesting somewhere within the $32 million – $34 million AAV range on a long-term contract, as he wants to be paid as much as the top tier of shortstops in baseball. This pairs with the shortstop market skyrocketing, and the fact that Bogaerts has an opt out in his contract after this season.

Xander Bogaerts contract talks will wait until after season, Scott Boras says; Chaim Bloom reiterates Red Sox ‘have time’ for deal (report)

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts might be willing to let his agent, Scott Boras, negotiate an extension during the regular season but it appears Boras isn’t interested in doing so. In an interview with Pete Abraham of The Boston Globe, Boras said he was unwilling to hold any talks until this fall at the earliest.
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Michael Conforto could sign with team after 2022 MLB Draft, agent Scott Boras says

Despite having shoulder surgery last month, free agent outfielder Michael Conforto could sign a team after the 2022 MLB Draft in July, agent Scott Boras told the New York Post. "No team will sign Michael before (the draft)," Boras said, adding several clubs have inquired in recent weeks. Conforto, 29,...

Scott Boras: Michael Conforto not ruling out late-season return

Michael Conforto was the most notable unsigned free agent of this past offseason. The outfielder rejected a qualifying offer from the Mets and didn’t find a deal to his liking before the league locked out the players in early December. The following month, he injured his right shoulder during training and remains unsigned.

Why hasn’t Michael Conforto been signed yet? Scott Boras has an answer

Free agent outfielder Michael Conforto will not be suiting up for the New York Mets or any other team this season. One of the more talked about free agents this past offseason was former New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto. The 29-year-old was hitting the open market for the first time and was expected to be one of the top earners despite a down year in 2021.

Brandon Nimmo stresses Scott Boras hiring does not prohibit Mets extension

PORT ST. LUCIE — Brandon Nimmo recently hired Scott Boras, baseball’s highest-profile agent, but he doesn’t want that to be misconstrued. Boras’ history mostly has been to push clients who are in their final season before free agency to the open market. Nimmo, however, said he is open to a contract extension with the Mets and is willing to engage with team officials on the topic this spring.

Scott Boras blasts MLB draft cap: ‘Non-competitive cancer’

Scott Boras has self-interest, yes, but he also has a fair point. As the MLB lockout continues with dwindling hope for Opening Day to happen in late March as scheduled, the super-agent spoke to The Athletic about a wide range of topics, striking at the root of what he called baseball’s “non-competitive cancer.”

Scott Boras on the Huge Connection Between Draft Changes and Tanking, and Also a Great Bonus Idea

Made out for years by owners and fans as the central villain of all things financial, super agent Scott Boras has taken an even more visible place over the last two years of tumult. Sure, I find many of his analogies and puns eye-rolling, and I am cautious about anything that centers the top-tier earners at the expense of the lower-earning guys and/or amateurs (not to say he does that, exclusively! I’m just cautious about when it happens). But, generally speaking, Boras is just a very visible, very involved, very successful agent, who does right by his clients. I think he gets more grief than is deserved.