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Scott Bakula filming ranch drama pilot called “Unbroken”

NBC is trying to create their own Yellowstone with Scott Bakula at the helm. Scott Bakula will likely not return to Star Trek, at least anytime soon. A new report Deadline has Bakula working on a new ranch pilot, called “Unbroken” (a working title). The show is by executive producer Shaun Cassidy and will feature “three dynastic” ranch families from California, who get into all sorts of dramatic situations.
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Scott Bakula Lands New Show After 'NCIS: New Orleans' Cancellation

Scott Bakula will star in Unbroken, the NBC pilot that will likely be compared to Yellowstone if it succeeds. The pilot was written by Shaun Cassidy and focuses on three ranch families in California. Bakula was recently seen in CBS' NCIS: New Orleans, which was canceled last year. The Quantum...
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Unbroken - Scott Bakula To Star In NBC Pilot

Former Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula is returning to NBC as the lead of ranch drama pilot Unbroken (working title), which he also will executive produce. Bakula will play Ash Holleran, a retired saddle bronc rodeo champion who’s desperate to hold on to the California ranch that’s been in his family for generations. With neighbors encroaching, and his winery and trail riding businesses barely turning a profit, Ash and his extended family will be forced to dig deep to find a road back to the life they once knew.

NCIS: New Orleans' Scott Bakula Is Coming To NBC For His Next TV Project, So Is Quantum Leap Next?

Scott Bakula was a familiar face on network TV for the better part of a decade thanks to his starring role as Dwayne Pride on CBS' NCIS: New Orleans, but the NCIS spinoff came to an end back in 2021. Now, the actor has landed a new project at NBC that could bring him back to network TV, which raises the question: could the Quantum Leap revival at NBC be next?

Scott Bakula believes not being in syndication killed Star Trek: Enterprise

Scott Bakula believes syndication would’ve saved Star Trek: Enterprise. UPN was the home of Star Trek for a decade. From 1995 to 2005. During that time, two network shows aired. The first was the successful Star Trek: Voyager, which lasted seven seasons and was a statement show for the franchise. The second was Star Trek: Enterprise; a prequel series that told the story of how the Federation of Planets came to be. It was also the first Star Trek series to invest big money in the lead, bringing in sci-fi legend Scott Bakula as the main character, Captain Johnathan Archer.

Scott Bakula Thinks This Is Why Star Trek: Enterprise Was Doomed

But "Enterprise" was by no means perfect. At best, it was rife with missed opportunities. The series tried to deliver on its prequel premise, but largely abandoned enticing "here's how this happened" storylines in favor of extraneous threads. Some of its most promising episodes were those that dealt in the gritty reality that humans faced in lawless space, but those narratives were few and far between. Plus, its theme song apparently sucked (I'm not ashamed to say I loved it, though).

Quantum Leap: Raymond Lee Set to Succeed Scott Bakula in NBC Reboot

Click here to read the full article. There are (potentially) a whole bunch of time warps in Raymond Lee’s future. The Kevin Can F**k Himself actor has landed the lead role in NBC’s in-the-works Quantum Leap reboot. Per Deadline, Lee will play Dr. Ben Seong, a spiritual successor to Scott Bakula’s Dr. Sam Beckett. Ben is a world-renowned physicist working on a time-travel project known as Quantum Leap. NBC has thus far only ordered a pilot. The new iteration of Quantum Leap would pick up 30 years after Bakula’s Sam stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, at which point “a new team has been assembled...

Could Scott Bakula have a role in proposed ‘Quantum Leap’ reboot?

ST. LOUIS–The series which made Kirkwood High School alum Scott Bakula a name in television and sci-fi circles is reportedly getting the reboot/sequel treatment. The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets report that a project tied to Quantum Leap, which aired on NBC from 1989-1993, has been given a pilot order by the network. The time-travel drama starred Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who “finds himself trapped in the past, “leaping” into the bodies of different people on a regular basis and sorting out their problems whilst trying to get back home to his own time.”

Photos: Scott Bakula through the years

Photos: Scott Bakula through the years Here are some memorable photos of "Quantum Leap" star Scott Bakula through the years. (Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Critics' Choice Television Awards)

Quantum Leap sequel in the works, possibly starring Scott Bakula

One of the best sci-fi series ever made is getting a sequel. NBC has ordered a pilot for a follow-up to Quantum Leap, a time travel TV series that ended in 1993 after five seasons. The Hollywood Reporter has the news, providing a synopsis. “It’s been 30 years since Dr...

Quantum Leap reboot in works at NBC; is Scott Bakula returning?

Is a new version of Quantum Leap about to return to television? Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we have a good sense of it. According to a new report from Deadline, NBC is currently developing a reboot of the long-running science fiction show, which originally starred Scott Bakula and the late Dean Stockwell. Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt of God Friended Me are writing/executive-producing the new version of the show, and Martin Gero of Blindspot is involved as an executive producer. The same goes for original Quantum Leap creator Don Bellisario.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Why Scott Bakula Had Such a Hard Time Saying Goodbye to the Show

The cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans hit everyone a little differently. For actor Scott Bakula, it was hard for him to say goodbye. If you are a fan of NCIS or any of the show’s spin-offs, like NCIS: New Orleans, there’s a good chance you know who Scott Bakula is. He, of course, played Special Agent Dwayne Cassius “King” Pride on the show from 2014 until 2021. Prior to that, you may have seen Bakula in other popular shows. He is also known for his roles as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap and as Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Scott Bakula was the only actor ever considered for Captain Archer

Star Trek: Enterprise didn’t have a fallback plan without Scott Bakula. Usually, when a series as big as Star Trek is casting for an important role like the captain of the Enterprise, there would be a line of actors being considered. The production team would pore over auditions, call back actors for more reads, and take quite some time before finally making a decision. That wasn’t how things worked with Star Trek: Enterprise as Scott Bakula had the interest of the team from the start.

Scott Bakula Issues Statement On Death Of Quantum Leap Co-Star Dean Stockwell

Scott Bakula paid tribute to his Quantum Leap co-star Dean Stockwell. The 85-year-old actor passed away on November 7th and Hollywood was shocked. Tributes for the star poured in over the last few days and Bakula decided to collect his thoughts. The two brought Quantum Leap to millions of audiences back in 1989 as it ran for 5 years. It can be hard to find people looking out for you as a young actor and Stockwell did just that for his co-star. Variety obtained his complete statement, and it explores their entire history together. Check it out in full down below: