Injured hikers in Bolton, Keene; hiker death on Scarface

On May 18 at 12:47 p.m., Ray Brook Dispatch requested Forest Ranger assistance after two hikers called for help advising they were dehydrated and lacked energy as they were summiting Buck Mountain. Forest Ranger St. Claire responded and reached the pair, who were in good condition, by 3:17 p.m. Ranger St. Claire walked the hikers down and out of the woods to safety by approximately 5 p.m.
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10 Essential Michelle Pfeiffer Performances, From 'Batman Returns' to 'Scarface'

If there is one actress who has been able to sustain an extremely bankable and consistent career while also reinventing herself with every role, it’s Michelle Pfeiffer. Since the 1980s, Pfeiffer has been a constant in American cinema, whether playing a blonde bombshell, a troubled innocent, or a devious mother. As she enters a new phase of her career, she shows no signs of stopping.
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Martin Scorsese Knew Scarface Would Never Fly With Film Critics

Some of the greatest artists almost seem like they can foretell the future, and renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese has bordered on prophetic more than once. The "Taxi Driver" director has predicted the stardom of several huge names in show business, including household names like Laura Dern (via Indiewire). Actor Steven Bauer, known for his performance in Brian De Palma's "Scarface," recently revealed yet another of Scorsese's prescient forecasts in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Scarface’ Mansion In Montecito Lists For $40 Million

Treasured homes along the California coast often come with a Hollywood connection. In Montecito, El Fureidis, a grand mansion most notably featured as the home and symbol of extreme wealth for Al Pacino’s titular character in the 1983 film Scarface, is now on the market for $39,995,000. Designed by...

Scarface Behind the Camera: An Exclusive Look at Al Capone’s Home Movie

Scarface Behind the Camera: An Exclusive Look at Al Capone’s Home Movie. Cost: Free for Museum Members or with Museum Admission. The Mob Museum recently acquired the original copy of a 13-minute home movie made by Chicago Mob boss Al Capone in 1929. The movie captures life in and around Capone’s Miami Beach mansion, including two high-profile guests from New York: Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Frank Costello. Geoff Schumacher, the Museum’s vice president of exhibits and programs, will show excerpts from the film and discuss the historical context in which it was made.

Tony Montana's fictional 'Scarface' Florida mansion is now for sale

The home that served as the stand-in for Tony Montana's Florida mansion in Oliver Stone's classic 1983 film "Scarface" is now on the market. Located at 631 Para Grande Ln, in Montecito, California, the historic home was built in 1906 by James Waldon Gillespie, and is known as “El Fureidis,” which translates to "Tropical Paradise."
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Tony Montana’s mansion from ‘Scarface’ lists in California for $40M. Take a look

The estate’s name is El Fureidis, but in Hollywood history, the 11,547-square-foot mansion will always be known as the place where Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, meets his violent end in Oliver Stone’s 1983 film “Scarface.”. It’s now on the real estate market in Montecito, California,...

‘Say hello to my little friend’ - California mansion featured in ‘Scarface’ up for sale

The mansion owned by drug lord Tony Montana in the 1983 film “Scarface” is for sale. The 10-acre property, called “El Fureidis,” features four bedrooms; a Byzantine-style “conversation room” with a fountain and a high-domed ceiling; a barrelled dining room ceiling painted in 24-karat gold leaf; a deck that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands; and two guest cottages with an additional three bedrooms, according to listing agent Dina Landi.

‘The Batman’ Producer Says Colin Farrell’s Penguin Spin-Off Will Be Like ‘Scarface’

According to a producer on The Batman, Colin Farrell’s upcoming Penguin series is said to have a story like Scarface. With the highly-anticipated release of The Batman less than one week away, fans are already excited to see how Matt Reeves and his team plan to expand the lore of Gotham City through new series and upcoming sequels. Two spin-off shows are currently in the works for HBO Max: Gotham PD, and a series centered on Colin Farrell’s Penguin.