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Savio Vega Added To MLW Battle Riot IV – Details

Savio Vega has been added to the Battle Riot match at the upcoming MLW event. You can check out the official announcement below:. See MLW’s return to NYC June 23 featuring a TV taping. Major League Wrestling today announced Savio Vega as a participant in the 40-wrestler Battle Riot...
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1/13 MLW TV REPORT: Alex Kane vs. Aerostar, Savio Vega vs. Pagano, Tag Team Championship match, more

SPOTLIGHTED PODCAST ALERT (YOUR ARTICLE BEGINS A FEW INCHES DOWN)... JANUARY 13, 2022 (RECORDED) -Recap video of the events from last week’s episode. -Cesar Duran welcomed everyone to the show from his office and mentioned that he has been getting “very nasty tweets” regarding what he has done to Alexander Hammerstone last week but they do not matter to him at all. He has put trust in his believers before but they let his temple fall. To him, they are no longer believers but rather, “filthy renegades.” Since he is in control of MLW Azteca, he has some “unique opportunities” available and everyone, including the MLW Heavyweight Champion, must bow or face the consequences. He joyfully said that none of that mattered though as the “Cathedral of Violence” had opened its doors.

Savio Vega on Replacing Shawn Michaels in Main Event at No Way Out of Texas 1998

– During a recent interview with Fightful, Savio Vega discussed serving as a replacement for Shawn Michaels in the main event tag team match at WWF No Way Out of Texas in February 1998. Michaels was unable to work the match as planned due to the severe back injury he was dealing with at the time. Below are some highlights.

Savio Vega On His In-Ring Chemistry With Steve Austin And Their Matches Together

In an interview with Fightful, Savio Vega spoke about his WWF feud with Steve Austin and the chemistry the two had in the ring. Here are highlights:. On his first night working with Austin: “Okay, listen to this. The first match (I had with) Steve was in San Antonio, Texas. I remember I was in the catering area, lacing my boots, and here comes Pat. I saw the paper and I saw Savio Vega against Steve Austin by that time. I said, ‘Okay.’ Here comes Pat, he says, ‘Savio, this is Steve. He’s gonna do (this match) with you. Put it together. Let me know.’ I say, ‘Okay. No problem.’ Honest, I don’t know Steve from before. Maybe I seen some pictures here or there, [but had] went out of my mind. I said, ‘Brother, I don’t know you. You don’t know me. My finishing move is a spinning kick. Let’s call it in the ring.’ He says, ‘Okay. When he says okay, hey, I didn’t even realize in that moment, that okay—thinking later—he was ready for this. He knows already and through the years, I say, ‘Why him and me, we have this type of chemistry that worked perfect?’ Thinking, this is after I left WWF—WWE in that time—thinking about why, why? Of course, he was working in Atlanta. He was working Florida, Texas. All that area and many, many guys in that area work with me here in Puerto Rico. So, we got that timing already. We studied the same book.”

Savio Vega Reveals Which NWO Star Got Him In WWE

Puerto Rican wrestling legend Savio Vega stopped by WWE’s The Bump this past week. Before discussing Austin though, Vega gave some background on how he got noticed by WWE. It turns out he got a big assist from Razor Ramon, aka Scott Hall. “Razor Ramon was the guy that got...

Savio Vega On Which WWE Star He Sees Being A “Big Megastar”

Savio Vega appeared on WWE’s The Bump this morning and chatted about Bone Street Krew. The group, known as BSK, was a kliq of friends who rode together while working for WWE in the mid 90’s. “It was about love and respect man,” Vega said. “When I met all them;...

MLW Fusion Results (2/17): Tom Lawlor Takes Over, Mil Muertes Vs. Savio Vega, More

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