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Report: WWE To Address Sasha Banks And Naomi On SmackDown, Possible Suspension

As we’ve noted, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday’s WWE RAW after reportedly being unhappy with creative plans. In an update, a new report from Fightful Select notes that a WWE source stated that the company will likely address the status of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on tonight’s SmackDown. It was also indicated that Banks and Naomi have been “suspended indefinitely.”
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New Details On When Sasha Banks And Naomi’s WWE Contracts Expire

Naomi and Sasha Banks walking out of WWE during Monday’s Raw broadcast has been the talk of the wrestling world and it has since transpired that they walked out with not very long left on their WWE contracts. During the latest episode of The Ringer’s “The Masked Man Show with Kaz”, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide revealed some news he has heard about their contracts (per Wrestling Inc.):
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WWE Suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi Indefinitely

Before the big main event on WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole dropped a bombshell on WWE fans. Cole referenced the events that happened this past Monday night on Monday Night Raw, when Sasha Banks and Naomi laid their Women's Tag Team Titles on the table and walked out of the arena before the show. Plenty of reports have come out since then, and we still don't have the whole picture, but tonight Cole revealed that as a result of them walking out, WWE has suspended Banks and Naomi indefinitely and that they will hold a tournament to crown new Women's Tag Team Champions.

WWE Confirms Sasha Banks and Naomi Not Released, Facebook and WWE Shop Pages Taken Down

During tonight's WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole revealed that Sasha Banks and Naomi, who were previously the Women's Tag Team Champions, are indefinitely suspended from WWE following their walkout this past Monday. Cole added that the Tag Titles, which they reportedly handed over before they left ahead of Monday Night Raw, would be part of an upcoming tournament, and for those who think this might all be a work, more and more evidence appears to the contrary, as WWE has taken down both of their official Facebook pages and removed their pages and all merchandise from the WWE Shop. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also confirmed that despite those actions WWE has confirmed that neither star has been released by the company.

Sasha Banks Hinted At How WWE Treats Her Prior to Walking Out of WWE Raw

Sasha Banks' appearances on Kevin Hart's Cold as Balls interview series dropped this week in which she talked about how she is treated by the WWE as one of its biggest stars. The full interview was released to YouTube on Tuesday and fans have since combed through the comments following Banks' decision (along with her tag team partner Naomi) to walk out of this week's Monday Night Raw over creative frustrations with how the Women's Tag Team Championships were being used.

Jimmy Smith Speaks About Sasha Banks/Naomi Situation

Sasha Banks and Naomi have been making headlines ever since they walked out of WWE RAW. They were at that time the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. However, many people believe that all of this might be work. WWE Commentator Jimmy Smith recently spoke about what he believes happened and whether or not this entire thing is a work or not.

Chelsea Green Has Mixed Thoughts About Sasha Banks And Naomi’s Raw Walkout

Chelsea Green is the latest to weigh in on Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of Monday night’s episode of Raw after being asked about it in an interview. Green, who is of course a former WWE star who had her own frustrations with the company’s creative, was a guest on the Universal Wrestling Podcast. When asked about the situation, Green explained why she’s of two minds about the matter.

Vince Russo reflects on Sasha Banks and Naomi

As was widely reported in various news in the last couple of days, the champions of the WWE main roster, Sasha Banks and Naomi, decided to leave Monday Night Raw a few minutes before entering the ring, due to a great difference of views with the management. WWE and its...

WWE Suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi Indefinitely, Strips Them of Women's Tag Team Titles

Click here to read the full article. Sasha Banks and Naomi are no longer the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Veteran announcer Michael Cole revealed on Friday Night SmackDown that the pair has been suspended indefinitely after walking out on a live taping of Monday Night Raw earlier this week. “We will have a future tournament to crown the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions,” Cole said during Friday’s broadcast. PWI first reported that Sasha had an issue with the outcome of a planned main event, which would have featured both in a Six Pack Challenge alongside Asuka, Becky Lynch, Doudrop and...

The heat towards Sasha Banks is growing

As we have already reported several times during the morning, during the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this week, WWE literally saw both tag team champions on the main roster, Sasha Banks and Naomi leaving the show backstage, after some differences with the creative team, with John Laurinaitis and with the Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Corey Graves Addresses Sasha Banks And Naomi’s WWE Walkout

When Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks left the building during “WWE Monday Night Raw,” allegedly citing creative differences with the company, many questioned whether the situation was real or part of a storyline. However, WWE commentator Jimmy Smith has since confirmed that the walk-out was 100% legit, and more news is cropping up about the situation every day.

Are Naomi And Sasha Banks Backstage For WWE SmackDown?

The wrestling world has been buzzing about Sasha Banks and Naomi’s “Monday Night Raw” walk-out and what it means for their futures — most immediately, what it means for their status regarding Friday Night Smackdown in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and whether WWE and their Women’s Tag Team Champions could reach common ground. The answer, at least for now, appears to be no.

Sasha Banks and Naomi Have a Pretty Shaky Relationship With the WWE Currently

It goes without saying that both Sasha Banks and Naomi are bonafide WWE stars at this point. Naomi, whose real name is Trinity Fatu, has been working with the organization since 2009. As for Sasha, whose real name is Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, she signed with WWE in 2012. In the roughly decade since both have joined, they've become some of the biggest female acts in the wrestling world.

Raw: WWE releases a statement about Sasha Banks and Naomi

Naomi and Sasha Banks, the two tag team champions of the WWE main roster, left the arena where Monday Night Raw was about to take place, after having had differences with the management of the Stamford company, regarding the main event of the evening, which saw a 6-player match between women, in which the WWE would have to find the new challenger to the title for Bianca Belair.