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Toronto Film Festival Unveils Lineup Featuring New Works From Sam Mendes, Tyler Perry, Darren Aronofsky, Sarah Polley

Click here to read the full article. New works by directors Sam Mendes, Sarah Polley, Tyler Perry, Darren Aronofsky and Reginald Hudlin will screen at the 2022 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, an annual celebration of cinema that serves as one of the unofficial kickoffs to the film awards season. After two years spent hosting largely virtual or dramatically pared-down events as a concession to COVID, Toronto, or TIFF as it is known around the entertainment business, is looking to offer up a full-fledged, week-and-a-half-long spotlight of the best of moviemaking. “We’re going to have the fan excitement, the big...
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Sarah Polley Blames Terry Gilliam For “Traumatizing Experience” While Filming ‘Baron Munchausen

For many film fans, even those who love Terry Gilliam, “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” isn’t much more than a cult classic film. Even though it was meant to be a huge blockbuster, the film bombed upon its theatrical release and has been a bit forgotten over the decades since its 1988 release, as other Gilliam ventures garnered more acclaim. But for Sarah Polley, she’ll never, ever forget ‘Baron Muchausen’ and the trauma she felt while making the film.
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‘I Couldn’t Breathe’: Sarah Polley Says Terry Gilliam Created Unsafe Conditions on ‘Baron Munchausen’ Set

Click here to read the full article. Sarah Polley has built an admirable career as an actress, director, and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, but her show business career began in earnest when, at the age of eight, she was cast in Terry Gilliam’s “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.” But despite the opportunities that the film created for her, and the movie’s cult classic status, the actress is still haunted by the film’s harrowing shoot. In her new book, “Run Towards the Danger,” Polley accuses Gilliam of creating an unsafe environment on set, particularly for a child. In an excerpt published in The Guardian,...

Screenwriter, director and actor Sarah Polley runs towards the danger

Sarah Polley is an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, director and actor. From her start in Terry Gilliam's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" through her stint with one of Canada's top television series, "Road to Avonlea," through her American breakthrough in "Go," Polley has enjoyed creative success at every level. She even...

Sarah Polley: ‘Run Towards the Danger’

This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes back director, writer and actress Sarah Polley, whose new collection of essays is “Run Towards the Danger: Confrontations with a Body of Memory.” Polley’s films as a director include “Stories We Tell,” “Away from Her” and “Take this Waltz.” Polley tells The Treatment about her traumatic experiences as a child actor on the film set of “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” and how those experiences still reverberate now as an adult director. She says she is averse to finding a rigid, inflexible narrative about one’s personality or experiences, but is open to revision and evolution over time. And Polley says it took a decades-long journey of health challenges to get her to a place of gratitude about her body.

Sarah Polley on the medical advice that inspired her to confront memories of her pain

SARAH POLLEY: (As Sally Salt) We've got to get back and save the town. JOHN NEVILLE: (As Baron Munchausen) Don't fret. The town is in no immediate danger. PFEIFFER: Her life seemed idyllic. Polley had fame, money and success, all before turning 20. But she was also dealing with the death of her mother, her father's negligence and serious scoliosis, all of which she recounts in her new book "Run Towards The Danger." The title comes from advice she was given by a doctor after a debilitating concussion.