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Sunday Morning Spotlight: Sara Stewart from Unity Gardens

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -Unity Gardens founder Sara Stewart stepped into the spotlight with Jack Springgate during 16 News Now Sunday Morning after earning some national recognition. She won the Best of Earthkind award in December recognizing the way Unity Gardens makes a difference in our area for people facing...
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Sara Stewart: Clearing up misconceptions about teachers' professional development

Addressing Marie Bradley, Dawn Johnson, and the community,. I am a school teacher in the Laconia School District. I attended the January Professional Development training put on by our district. To clear up any confusion - "critical race theory" was not a part of it, nor was it discussed in any manner. Neither myself nor any of my colleagues have ever told a white student that they are racist. We teach English, math, history, science (and more!) at every grade level. I am surprised you are so invested in the education of the children in our community, but are unaware of this fact.