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Reporter tweets horrible Sandy Koufax mistake as Clayton Kershaw reaction

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts set Twitter aflame on Wednesday afternoon, turning a frigid April game in Minnesota into a national flashpoint when he removed Clayton Kershaw seven innings and 80 pitches deep into a perfect game. Spoiler alert, but the Dodgers were unable to complete the first combined...

Sandy Koufax statue to be unveiled at Dodger Stadium this summer

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — Jewish baseball legend Sandy Koufax will be immortalized with a statue at Dodger Stadium this summer. The Hall of Fame pitcher will join his trailblazing teammate Jackie Robinson, whose bronze statue was unveiled in the centerfield plaza in 2017. Artist Branly Cadet, who made the Robinson statue, also created Koufax’s sculpture.

Sandy Koufax to join Jackie Robinson with statue at Dodger Stadium

Sandy Koufax is set to join fellow Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson with a bronze statue at Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles Dodgers said Monday the unveiling will be June 18 before the team hosts Cleveland. The first 40,000 fans will receive a replica statue. Koufax’s statue had been scheduled to be unveiled in 2020, […]

Clayton Kershaw, Sandy Koufax, Whitey Ford, and Steve Carlton w/ Noah Scott

Today Noah Scott from the Short Hops and Tall Tales Podcast joins me for our first ever episode to talk about and rank Clayton Kershaw, Sandy Koufax, Whitey Ford, and Steve Carlton!. Show Notes:. Intro. Noah Scott Intro: 00:01:00. Clayton Kershaw: 00:03:17. Sandy Koufax: 00:36:43. Whitey Ford: 00:54:22. Steve Carlton:...

Dodgers: Sandy Koufax Called LA’s Greatest Player in Franchise History

The Dodgers have a deep history in baseball that runs from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. The storied franchise is loaded with icons and legends that have changed the game in some shape or form. Taking a look in would yield no shortage of Hall of Famers from present-day to its creation. Yet, labeling who is the best of them all would be a pretty tall task.

This Day In Dodgers History: Sandy Koufax Wins 2nd Cy Young Award

On Nov. 3, 1965, Los Angeles Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax won a second Cy Young Award, two years after earning the first of his storied career. Only one pitcher in MLB won the Cy Young during that time, unlike today where one from each league is recognized with the honor. But despite there only being one winner, Koufax was the unanimous selection of the 1965 Cy Young Award, receiving 20 of the 20 votes.
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Conor McGregor’s first pitch at Tuesday’s Cubs game makes Mariah Carey look like Sandy Koufax

Nobody loves Conor McGregor quite like Conor McGregor. Sure, he has his Twitter disciples, who will defend him to death no matter how many times he gets his ass beat by some journeyman fighter, but Conor McGregor is Conor McGregor’s biggest fan. There’s nothing on earth Conor McGregor thinks Conor McGregor can’t do. Boxing? Check. Whiskey? Check. Try to fight every D-lister on earth on the red carpet? Um, check. So of course when it came to Major League Baseball, McGregor looked at a bunch of flabby Wisconsin dads throwing a ball off a little dirt hill and thought, “fook yeah, I’ll be the king of that too!”

Sandy Koufax becomes youngest player elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

On January 19, 1972, 36-year-old Sandy Koufax, the former Los Angeles Dodgers star, becomes the youngest player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. "This is the only thing that's made having to retire early a little easier," says Koufax, who retired at age 30. "This is the biggest honor I've ever been given, not just in baseball, but in my life."

Red Sox's Chris Sale joins Sandy Koufax after this immaculate feat

Boston Red Sox star Chris Sale joined a rare club on Thursday night. Sale became the second pitcher to record a third immaculate inning in their career. The other being Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax. An immaculate inning is when a pitcher strikes out the first three batters on only nine pitches. Sale did that against the Minnesota Twins on Thursday night.
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Chris Sale Joins Sandy Koufax as Only MLB Pitchers to Ever Throw 3 Immaculate Innings

Move over, Sandy Koufax. You have immaculate company. Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale threw what is known as an immaculate inning in the third frame of Thursday's game against the Minnesota Twins. That occurs when the pitcher tallies three strikeouts on nine pitches in a single inning, and the southpaw did so by striking out Nick Gordon, Andrelton Simmons and Rob Refsnyder.