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5 Surprising Facts About Actress Sandra Bullock From Her Beauty Hacks to the Movie She Regrets the Most

With her incredible acting skills and bright personality, Sandra Bullock has become known as one of the sweethearts of Hollywood. Her passion for acting and theater began when she was just a teenager and developed into a tremendous career as an Academy Award-winning star. Fans of the Bird Box actress may be shocked to learn five surprising facts about her.
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Sandra Bullock Takes Kids Louis, 12, & Laila, 10, For Fun Day Out At Disney: Rare Photos

Family fun day! Sandra Bullock proved she is the ultimate doting mom by treating her two adorable kids to Disneyland! In a rare public outing on May 12, the Oscar winner, 57, was spotted with her son Louis, 12, and daughter Laila, 10, at the “happiest place on Earth.” Sandra made sure the family hit all the best rides, got the good Mickey gear and stopped for some delicious desserts during the sunny trip to the theme park.

Sandra Bullock Opens Up About That Dazzling Sequin Jumpsuit from ‘The Lost City’

If you've ever wondered how Loretta Sage's dazzling fuchsia jumpsuit came to be in The Lost City, Sandra Bullock's got answers. In a new featurette exclusive to People, the Oscar-winning actress explained that it was her personal style preference that inspired this wardrobe choice. In the interview, she said, "The jumpsuit is a character unto itself. The jumpsuit came from the fact that I personally love a jumpsuit."

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Lost City’ on Paramount+, in Which Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum Amiably Traipse Through Formula Comedy

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum pair up in The Lost City – on Paramount+ and VOD services – a winkity-winking throwback rom-adventure-com in which two wisecrackers find themselves in a barely thinly veiled reiteration of Romancing the Stone, which itself was predated by countless 1940s pictures in which intrepid men with safari hats poked through plastic jungles while women in impractical outfits shrieked at small snakes photographed in closeup to make them look bigger. Which is to say, this isn’t the most original movie you’ll ever see, but with its high-gloss presentation and star power (Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt...

Exclusive: 'The Lost City' Deleted Scene Shows Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum Having a Heart-to-Heart in a Hammock

The Lost City finally placed massive stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum opposite of one another in a rom-com that really plays to their on-screen chemistry. As a romance novelist and a chiseled cover boy working together to escape an eccentric billionaire in search of a fabled treasure, the pair made an impression on audiences and critics alike. With the film available to purchase on Digital today and on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD July 26, Collider can exclusively unveil one of the deleted scenes that will be present in the home release and Digital release’s special features. The exclusive clip expands on the scene of Bullock's Loretta and Tatum's Alan resting in a hammock for the night with Alan having a brief heart-to-heart with her before they sleep.

'The Lost City': Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's Adventure Rom-Com Arrives on Paramount+ Tomorrow

If you missed The Lost City in theaters or are eager to watch it a second time, Paramount+ has excellent news for you: the Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum adventure comedy will become available for streaming as early as tomorrow on the platform. The movie combines action with laugh-out-loud comedy by following a romance novelist who is pulled into a daring treasure hunt similar to her stories. The problem is, writing about adventures doesn’t make you prepared for them, and her company and "help" is the equally inept cover model of her novels.

Elisabeth Moss Totally Fangirled When She Met Sandra Bullock: ‘I Just Didn't Know What to Say’

Elizabeth Moss is opening up about her most embarrassing fangirl moment, and we're all ears. While appearing on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, the 39-year-old actress opened up about her first encounter with Sandra Bullock, with whom she worked with on the miniseries Lucky Chances back in 1990. At the time, Moss was just seven years old, and apparently, she was so starstruck that she "didn't know what to say."