Samuel Eto'o

#15. Samuel Eto'o

- Net worth: $95 million - Salary: $26 million - Nationality: Cameroon - Date of birth: Mar 10, 1981 (41 years old) - Teams: Real Madrid (Spain), Leganés (Spain), Espanyol (Spain), Mallorca (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy), Anzhi Makhachkala...
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Samuel Eto'o gets suspended sentence after admitting €3.8m tax fraud

Former Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o was handed a 22-month suspended prison sentence by a Spanish court on Monday after admitting tax fraud of €3.8 million ($4m) while he was playing for Barcelona. Eto'o agreed to pay a fine of €1.8m and the €3.8m in tax owed from image rights...
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Samuel Eto’o given 22-month suspended sentence, fine for tax fraud

On June 20, Cameroonian icon, Samuel Eto’o, appeared in a Spanish court and pleaded guilty to a £3.2 million tax fraud. Throughout his remarkable career, the natural-born goalscorer has solidified himself as one of the greatest strikers in African history. In his prime, he possessed an incredible array of skills and moved like a gazelle, which left defenders in the dust more often than not.
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Samuel Eto’o escapes Spanish prison sentence after admitting £3.3m tax fraud during Barcelona career

Samuel Eto’o has avoided prison after being handed a 22-month suspended sentence for committing tax fraud worth more than £3.3m during his Barcelona career.Eto’o, 41, failed to declare income from the transfer of image rights between Puma and Barcelona from 2006 and 2009, according to Sport, instead paying taxes via two separate companies set up in Hungary and Spain which limited his costs. He blamed agent Jose Maria Mesalles for “manipulation” and promised a Spanish court he would pay back the money owed.In a statement, Eto’o referred to Mesalles, who was handed a one-year suspended sentence, as a father figure....

Barcelona need the fire Samuel Eto'o gave to them as a player, and now to Cameroon as FA president

This brief respite in the packed calendar before the next European season means the onset of an entertaining, risky and frustrating sideshow called the "transfer market." Sometimes, it can be useful to reflect on the past and how it informs the present. For example, we are approaching the 13th anniversary of an atrocious piece of Barcelona summer market business that didn't have the same financial penalties as their recent misadventures, but was nonetheless excruciating and embarrassing for the Camp Nou club.

Samuel Eto’o blasts Cameroon squad in dressing room after they beat Burundi

Footballing icon Samuel Eto’o has gone viral for tearing into the Cameroon squad following a disappointing performance against Burundi. Throughout his storied career, the striking sensation proved himself as one of the great strikers of his generation. His dynamic movement and natural eye for goal saw him tear apart La Liga and Serie A. He showed his talent in the Premier League, too.

A new goal for Samuel Eto’o in saving Cameroon soccer

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — When Samuel Eto’o won the election to become president of the Cameroon soccer federation, he jumped from his chair and punched the air like he might have done after scoring a goal at the height of a playing career that put him among the best strikers in the world.