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Pete Alonso hit a home run in the style of Sammy Sosa in the majors

Pete alonso connected home run with the Mets from New York, but it was not a normal one, the slugger took the ball out of the park in the Sammy Sosa on the MLB. the New York organization seems to be waking up as Francisco Lindor hit a superb home run and subsequently Pete alonso shot his on the night of Big leagues.
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Is Sammy Sosa in the Hall of Fame?

(Photo by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images) With the National Baseball Hall of Fame induction announcement just days away, fans across the country are anxiously waiting, hoping to hear their favorite ballplayer’s name. For Chicago Cubs fans, no one checks more boxes, at least statistically-speaking, than Sammy Sosa. But is Sammy Sosa in the Hall of Fame? Not yet. And the 2021 announcement doesn’t look promising, either.

Does Sammy Sosa have a case for the Hall of Fame?

Joe Posnanski is a writer whose work I’ve enjoyed for many years. Recently, he’s been writing a series about who he considers the 100 best players in MLB history who are eligible to be in the Hall of Fame, but aren’t. Today in The Athletic, he examined the HoF cases...

Chicago Cubs: Turk Wendell speaks on Sammy Sosa in interview

Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Former Chicago Cubs Turk Wendell had a mouthful to say about Sammy Sosa. On Sunday night, the long-awaited documentary about the summer of 1998 premiered on ESPN. The “Long Gone Summer” 30 for 30 documentary gave fans and players alike the opportunity to reminisce upon the great home run race that took place between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.