Pelosi and Biden muddle up speeches in awkward press conference gaffe

House speaker Nancy Pelosi drew a laugh from the crowd on Tuesday as her speech at an event got mixed up with that of president Joe Biden.On Tuesday, Mr Biden signed a bill to make the CHIPS and Science Act — bipartisan legislation that will inject approximately $50bn into the US semiconductor industry — the law of the land.He was joined by many House and Senate members who shepherded the legislation.The bill is meant to boost US competitiveness vis-à-vis China by onshoring the manufacture of semiconductors that go into cars, computers, mobile phones and all manner of devices, through...

Beluga whale lost in French river euthanized during rescue

PARIS (AP) — A beluga whale that became a French celebrity after a wrong turn took it up the Seine River had to be euthanized Wednesday after experiencing health complications during an urgent rescue operation, authorities said. The sparkling white marine mammal appeared deep inside France last week, having accidentally veered off the normal ocean migration route that takes belugas to and from Arctic waters. Fearing the malnourished creature would not survive in the Seine much longer, a wildlife conservation group and veterinarians planned to move the lost whale to a saltwater port in Normandy, from where they hoped to return it to the open sea. A team of 80 people assembled to try to save the animal’s life, and it was successfully moved Tuesday night from a river lock in Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne, west of Paris, into a refrigerated truck for the 160-kilometer (99-mile) journey to the port in Ouistreham.

Funeral of elderly woman descends into mayhem after 'uninvited son' mows mourners down with his car, tips over the casket and causes $20,000 worth of damage at cemetery in Northern California

A mourning family at a funeral of an elderly woman got slammed into by vehicle driven by an uninvited family member at a Northern California cemetery on Saturday. The uninvited attendee, who may be the son of the deceased woman, was allegedly fighting with his sister at Rolling Hills Memorial Park the time of the incident.

Florida Sheriff Announces That Deputies In Schools To Be Armed with Large Rifles and Wear Tactical Gear To Protect Kids

"Prepared to win the battle to protect our children and teachers" On August 9, Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County Sheriff's Office posted a video message to Facebook in which he shared plans to keep kids and teachers safe in school when the next academic year begins. Most notable in the plans were that deputies posted in schools won't just be there as an armed deterrent but rather, they'll be equipped with large rifles and wearing tactical gear.